About Heady Vermont

Vermont's Source for Cannabis Advocacy, Events and News

Heady Vermont is a community and digital platform dedicated to growing cannabis culture and policy reform.

We believe that building a legal, ethical, and celebratory cannabis culture – one that’s infused with an ethos of social, environmental, and economic justice – can have a positive and meaningful impact on all people and their overall well-being.

Which means we’re a little bit about what’s in the joint, and a lot about the people who are rolling them.

With entertaining and informative features, statewide events, photo and video posts, policy updates, product reviews, medical profiles, podcasts and livestreams, Heady Vermont covers everything from policy change to cannabis-inspired artists to to sharing the stories of the individuals who are changing the face of cannabis life.

We’re here to serve the cause, shape the narrative, and bring people together!

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Our Team

Heady Vermont found its beginnings in early 2016 when cofounders Monica Donovan and Eli Harrington met at a local cannabis advocacy event in Burlington, Vermont. After sharing frustration over the lack of accessible information and community around cannabis, the two started covering legislative developments and organizing advocacy events throughout the state.

Nearly two years later, after countless hours wandering the statehouse, writing, shooting, organizing and connecting people, the Heady team has grown, opening the door for more talented, passionate folks who are ready to help bring us to the next level. An extra shout out of gratitude to the volunteers and friends who’ve pitched in, moved tables, written stuff, shared stories and generally helped build this lovely community.