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Why Advertise With Heady?

What We Do

Heady Vermont provides essential news, insights, webinars and events to cannabis and hemp entrepreneurs, investors, home growers, and other industry participants, including new and experienced cannabis consumers.

We also host events and webinars, popular cannabis business directory, conduct interviews with experts and distribute press releases for cannabis companies. 


Who We Reach

Take advantage of the 45,000+ monthly page views on our site, and our tens of thousands of followers and subscribers across multiple platforms.

What We Believe

We believe that building a just and equitable cannabis industry – one that’s infused with an ethos of social, racial, environmental, and economic justice – can have a positive and meaningful impact on all people and their overall well-being.


What We Offer

We offer a number of ways for cannabis and hemp-focused brands to grow their reach and engage our audience:

Content Marketing

Distribute targeted content including news, commentary, reviews, how-tos, profiles, videos, webinars and more. We also offer site takeovers and banners.

E-mail Marketing

Promote your products and services by getting into the inboxes of 10,000+ subscribers, and other highly targeted groups within our list.


Business Directory Listings

Directory partners are featured in rotation on all platforms, and receive discounts on digital marketing as well as industry insights, alerts and B2B offers.

Press Releases

Share your announcements with an engaged online audience of cannabis consumers and professionals.

Event & Webinar Marketing

Get in front of customers face-to-face, or showcase your brand by taking advantage of attentive webinar audiences.


Vermont Marijuana and Hemp Events

Custom Campaigns

Combine e-mail marketing with site takeovers and targeted content for maximum impact!

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