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Decades of policy making have cycled brown and black people in and out of prison at startlingly disproportionate rates, much of it under the facade of a war on drugs. This page is dedicated to recommended reading, anti-racism resources and social equity news.






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Vermont Cannabis Policy Resources

In 2018, Vermont became the first state to legalize adult-use cannabis through the Legislature, not the voters, as the state has no popular referendum process in place.

Check out our brand-new resources page dedicated to Vermont policy updates and Control Board developments.

Vermont Cannabis Policy Resources

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COVID-19 Resources

Helpful links, grants, COVID news and more for businesses and individuals.

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Cannabis Dictionary

While you’re clicking around our site, you’ll notice that certain terms are linked to a definition page. This is part of our glossary-driven content project intended to help educate those that might be a little less familiar with certain terms.

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