News Roll Up: Eliminating Plastic From the Industry, Curaleaf Targets Unionized Employees, SAFE Banking Act Rejected

Law enforcement control over any kind of medical care is dangerous & counterproductive. If you ...

Ella Guinan 28 Jun 2022
Brynn Hare, Executive Director, Vermont Cannabis Control Board

News Roll Up: VT Gov Vetoes Drug Possession, Expungement Bills

“I feel like parliamentary procedure doesn’t give you an opportunity to celebrate small moments ...

Heady Vermont Staff 21 May 2022

The Roll Up is Back: Senate Candidate Smokes Blunt in Campaign Ad, Wu-Tang Comes to Zenbarn, New MMJ Advocacy Group

“Even when drugs have been reimagined, such as within medicinal cannabis use, some still choose ...

Heady Vermont Staff 28 Jan 2022

Friday Roll Up: Roll Up: Man Calls Cops On Himself + South Dakota Heats Up + Green Queen Makes Quickie Brownies

“Stop applauding cannabis companies for LITERAL crumbs. They are all funded and owned by REAL ...

Kathryn Blume 14 Jun 2020

Friday Roll Up: Maine Locals Get Screwed + Difference Between Indica/Sativa + Greatest Pro-Weed Congressman Ever

“This leaves Maine voters with almost nothing we voted for in 2016. Mainers did not want ...

Kathryn Blume 17 May 2020

Friday Roll Up: Grandma Marijuana Fights the Power + NH House Passes Legalization + Trump Campaign – Keep Weed Illegal

“Our efforts to deal with cannabis using law enforcement and the criminal justice system have ...

Kathryn Blume 23 Feb 2020

Friday Roll Up: Headies Recap + Pink Talking Fish + New Mexico To Legalize

“It’s absolutely great and I recommend it to everyone – get stoned! It does make ...

Kathryn Blume 19 Jan 2020

ICYMI: Friday Roll Up

“I know that there is great public interest in the development of therapies/other consumer ...

Kathryn Blume 26 May 2019