Terpene Tuesday: Guaiol

Featuring a distinctive pine aroma with fragrant undertones of wood and rose, guaiol, or champacol, ...

Heady Vermont Staff 21 Mar 2023

Terpene Tuesday: Octanol

The secondary terpene octanol can be found in mint, tea, hops, lavender, cannabis and more. ...

Ella Guinan 7 Mar 2023

Terpene Tuesday: Camphor

Known for its powerful, mentholated aroma and first discovered in the trunks of boreno camphor ...

Ella Guinan 23 Jan 2023

Terpene Tuesday: Pulegone

Pulegone is a lesser-known monoterpene found in many plants, such as peppermint and catnip, and ...

Heady Vermont Staff 13 Dec 2022

Terpene Tuesday: Carene

Delta-3-carene (also known as 3-carene or simply carene) is a bicyclic monoterpene commonly found ...

Ella Guinan 25 Oct 2022

Terpene Tuesday: Terpineol

Terpineol is a cyclic monoterpenoid alcohol commonly found in tea tree oil, and bears a ...

Ella Guinan 4 Oct 2022

Terpene Tuesday: Ocimene

Ocimene is a monoterpene found in various plants and fruits that bears a sweet, woodsy ...

Heady Vermont Staff 30 Aug 2022
cannabis terpene geraniol

Terpene Tuesday: Geraniol

Geraniol, though not as prominent as some of the more popular cannabis terpenes like limonene ...

Heady Vermont Staff 23 Aug 2022
Bisabolol terpene in chamomile flowers

Terpene Tuesday: Bisabolol

Bisabolol (also known as levomenol and alpha-bisabolol) has a warm floral aroma with nutty or ...

Heady Vermont Staff 2 Aug 2022
Eucalyptus leaves contain large amounts of the terpene eucalyptol

Terpene Tuesday: Eucalyptol

Eucalyptol, sometimes referred to as cineol, is a terpene found in eucalyptus trees, and other ...

Heady Vermont Staff 26 Jul 2022

Terpene Tuesday: Pinene

Pinene, one of the most researched and documented terpenes found in cannabis, is available in ...

Heady Vermont Staff 16 Nov 2021

Terpene Tuesday: Valencene

Valencene is one of the lesser known terpenes found in cannabis, but still provides powerful ...

Heady Vermont Staff 7 Nov 2021

Terpene Tuesday: Borneol

The terpene borneol, though not found in large amounts in cannabis, nonetheless has an important ...

Erin Doble 31 Dec 2019

Terpene Tuesday: Linalool

Linalool is a special terpene that isn’t specific to cannabis; it can be found ...

Heady Vermont Staff 17 Dec 2019

Terpene Tuesday: Humulene

Similar to terpenes like pinene and myrcene, humulene (hyu-myu-leen) is an element in cannabis fundamental ...

Ella Guinan 3 Dec 2019

Terpene Tuesday: Terpinolene

Although found in many cannabis strains, terpinolene is a terpene that is only present in ...

Erin Doble 19 Nov 2019

Terpene Tuesday: Caryophyllene

The terpene caryophyllene is present in many herbs and spices, including black pepper, basil, and ...

Heady Vermont Staff 12 Nov 2019

Terpene Tuesday: Limonene

Recognizable for its zesty citrus fragrance and unique mood-brightening, energizing effects, limonene is a core ...

Heady Vermont Staff 5 Nov 2019
cannabis terpene myrcene also found in mango

Terpene Tuesday: Myrcene

Myrcene, one of the most abundant terpenes in cannabis, is known for its pleasant pine ...

Heady Vermont Staff 29 Oct 2019