Roll Up


The Roll Up: Cannabis Parody Abounds in Super Bowl Ads, NY Cannabis Regulator Predicts Licensing by Fall, $3 Million Price Tag For CT Equity Applicants

“I support the federal legalization of marijuana, and legalization alone won’t fix the structural ...

Heady Vermont Staff 17 Feb 2022

The Roll Up is Back: Senate Candidate Smokes Blunt in Campaign Ad, Wu-Tang Comes to Zenbarn, New MMJ Advocacy Group

“Even when drugs have been reimagined, such as within medicinal cannabis use, some still choose ...

Heady Vermont Staff 28 Jan 2022

News Roll Up: Vermont Reacts to Capitol Riots

“I have seen this type of behavior from this country before. It doesn’t make ...

Heady Vermont Staff 13 Jan 2021

News Roll Up: Vermont Expungement Rules Go Into Effect + NH High Court Rules on Psychedelics + Killer Mike Pushes Biden on Weed

“I’m excited to see what it will look like on the East Coast when ...

Heady Vermont Staff 4 Jan 2021

News Roll Up: VT Supreme Court Hears Arguments in ACLU Border Patrol Case + Gov Seeking Control Board Applicants + Deb Haaland Historic Cabinet Pick

“Minor drug offenses shouldn’t ruin people’s lives, but the failed drug policies in ...

Heady Vermont Staff 18 Dec 2020

News Roll Up: Longest-Serving Pot Prisoner Released + Cannabis Research Bill Passes House + Middlebury OKs Dispensary Vote

Legalizing cannabis is a racial & economic justice issue. The MORE Act brings us one ...

Heady Vermont Staff 11 Dec 2020

News Roll Up: MORE Act Set for Historic House Vote

Legalize cannabis. Release those incarcerated for related offenses. Expunge records. Direct funding to the Black ...

Heady Vermont Staff 3 Dec 2020

News Roll Up: Green Wave Continues as COVID Spreads

“This is an industry that has been built on relationships and one of the barriers ...

Heady Vermont Staff 24 Nov 2020

News Roll Up: Election Nets Huge Wins For Cannabis, Psychedelics and Drug Reform

“While I may be the first woman in this office, I will not be the ...

Heady Vermont Staff 9 Nov 2020

News Roll Up: Cannabis at Stake In 2020 Election 🌿

The marijuana legalization question is on the ballot. Legalization must repair communities ripped apart by ...

Heady Vermont Staff 30 Oct 2020

News Roll Up: Maine Tops $250K in Adult Use Sales + Biden Promises Decrim + USDA Surveying Hemp Businesses

“I don’t believe anybody should be going to jail for drug use…We should ...

Heady Vermont Staff 19 Oct 2020

News Roll Up: Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day + National Coverage of VT Tax and Reg + Maine Sales Kick off

“This is the land of my ancestors. Land is identity. I would like the state ...

Heady Vermont Staff 12 Oct 2020