Unhidden: Faith In CBD And Mathematics – Talking With Matt Aaron Of Crazy Calm Coffee

In this episode of Unhidden, we talk with Matt Aaron from Crazy Calm CBD Coffee. ...

Kathryn Blume 3 Feb 2020

Unhidden: Carrying Happy Everywhere – An Interview With Susan Snowden

In this episode of Unhidden, we chat with Susan Snowden, a professional costume designer, horticulturalist, ...

Kathryn Blume 29 Nov 2019

Unhidden: Participating In Her Own Wellness – A Chat With Medical Cannabis Patient Becky Cassel

In this episode of Unhidden, sponsored by Vermont Hempicurean, we chat with 71 year old medical ...

Kathryn Blume 28 Oct 2019

Unhidden: Trace – Speaking Truth To Flower

In this episode of Unhidden, we speak with Joshua Decatur, CEO of Trace, a sponsor ...

Kathryn Blume 25 Sep 2019

Unhidden: Kristen Nichols, Hemp Industry Daily

Heady Vermont’s hemp trade show, Hemp Fest, is coming up this weekend on Saturday, ...

Kathryn Blume 2 Sep 2019

Unhidden Nugget: Susan Snowden

This 6-minute nugget episode of Unhidden is an excerpt of a much longer conversation with ...

Kathryn Blume 3 Aug 2019

Unhidden: No Fear, Just Joy – Kathryn Blume on WGDR

Recently, I was invited by host Ruth Wilder to be on her longtime show, Mother ...

Kathryn Blume 16 Jul 2019

Higher Etiquette: Respect, Exploration, and Celebration With Lizzie Post

In this episode of Unhidden, Kathryn talks with Lizzie Post, co-president of the Emily Post ...

Kathryn Blume 21 Jun 2019

Unhidden: Sleeping Well At Night – A Conversation With Josh MacDuff

Recently, we were contacted by an insurance agent named Josh MacDuff who told us that ...

Kathryn Blume 30 May 2019

Unhidden: The Life Of A Cannabis Revolutionary – Chatting With Larisa Bolivar

Of the many people who have us excited about the Vermont Cannabis and Hemp Convention ...

Kathryn Blume 2 May 2019

Unhidden: A Rich Environment And A Whole New Journey – Learning To Market Cannabis

In this episode of the Unhidden podcast, recorded at the second annual Cannabis In The ...

Kathryn Blume 16 Apr 2019

“Will Tax-and-Regulate Actually Pass in 2019?” Interview with Cannabis Reform Advocate and Vermont Political Insider Dave Silberman

With only a few weeks left in the 2019 legislative session, time is running out for ...

Heady Vermont Staff 16 Apr 2019

Unhidden: The Unrepentant Smuggler – An Interview With Billy Greer

In this episode of Unhidden, the Heady Vermont podcast, HVT co-founder Eli Harrington interviews local ...

Heady Vermont Staff 30 Mar 2019

Unhidden: Four Minutes Of Claire

In this little nugget of Unhidden, recorded at the second annual Cannabis In The Capitol ...

Kathryn Blume 25 Feb 2019

TRACE to Host Cannabis Symposium in Burlington

This Friday, the founders of TRACE seed-to-sale software are holding a cannabis symposium from 6-9...

Heady Vermont Staff 21 Feb 2019

Unhidden: Interview With Cindy Kleh

In this episode of Unhidden, we chat with Cindy Kleh, Vermont native, a resident of ...

Kathryn Blume 11 Jan 2019

Unhidden: Stories From The Farmers Market

We set up a story booth at the Holiday Hemp CBD Farmers Market, and our ...

Kathryn Blume 24 Dec 2018

Unhidden: Queer, Queued, and Recreational at the Northampton Dispensary

Guest commentator James-Beth Merritt shares their story of purchasing legal cannabis at the NETA dispensary ...

James-Beth Merritt 19 Dec 2018

Grassachusetts: Shopping For Cannabis In Mass

Brattleboro resident Alex Beck went to Northampton for his first legal recreational cannabis purchase, and ...

Heady Vermont Staff 17 Dec 2018

Cashless Cannabis Payments Now Available in Vermont at One Medical Marijuana Dispensary

New App Eases Electronic Transaction Woes for Cannabis Industry An ongoing challenge for the cannabis ...

Kathryn Blume 12 Dec 2018