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Free Webinar For Cultivators: How To Approach Electrical For Your Grow Space – Tips from the Pros by Defiance Electric

October 4, 2022 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm



October 4, 2022 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm



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In this free lunchtime webinar designed for Vermont cultivators, Travis Boucher and Peter Dionne of Defiance Electric share tips for implementing thoughtful and forward-thinking electrical infrastructure for your grow facility.

Your electrical design will inform how you budget, how you construct your space and how long projects will take. It will also determine how easy or difficult, cheap or expensive it is to grow in the future when you are ready to upgrade or expand. 

Travis and Peter will be joined by moderators/panelists and grow pros Kendall Smith and Stephanie Waterman of White River Growpro, cultivation experts who specialize in facility design+ wholesale supply.

There will be a short presentation, followed by 30m of Q+A. 


The Speakers

Travis Boucher E.E.

Working for Defiance Electric pre-college both in the field and in the office. Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of New Hampshire 2006. Worked at Swiftcurrent Engineering Svc for 7 years in electrical design. Electrical design and consultation for Leading Edge Design Group. Assumed ownership as principal of Defiance Electric LLC in 2021.

Mr. Boucher brings years of experience in both the electrical contracting world and electrical engineering and design. He is passionate about cutting edge science and technology. His business ethic is one of quality over quantity and providing a fair-wage, healthy work environment for Defiance team members.

Peter Dionne MTh.

Bachelors of Arts in philosophy from St. John Vianney Seminary Miami 2008. Master of Arts in Theology from St. Vincent de Paul College in 2013. 9 years of experience in education and administration. Currently enrolled in the Vermont Technical College/Vt State Department electrical apprenticeship Program. Mr. Dionne has many years of experience in education and community services for non-profits.

About Defiance Electric

We are engineers. We are electricians.

And… we love working in cannabis.

From simple consultations to taking on your project from design to final build, we can apply our expertise to connect all of your devices, utilities, breaker panels, HVAC, grow lights, controls, moisture control, fans, UV sanitation, distillers, point of sales, emergency generators, data/internet and anything else you need to keep your cannabis dreams alive.

Learn more about Defiance Electric

The Moderators

Stephanie Waterman, White River Growpro

Stephanie Waterman is a native Vermonter who has been gardening most of her life. She planted her first vegetable garden at the age of 8 and that started a lifelong love of digging in the dirt. Her interest in cannabis cultivation started when she met her husband in 2003. He was a grower, and taught her all about how to cultivate the amazing plant. Together they have built a homestead in Vermont where they are constantly striving toward self-sustainability. They grow a variety of fruits, vegetables, perennials and medicinal herbs, and have also raised chickens.

In 2014 she opened White River Growpro with her husband in an effort to share their passion with the public. White River Growpro is a full service grow store, specializing in cultivation, harvest, and processing equipment for growers of all sizes. Stephanie specializes in helping indoor growers maximize their yields while focusing on energy efficiency.

Kendall Smith, White River Growpro

Kendall Smith, cofounder of White River GrowPro, has been cultivating cannabis for nearly 30 years on a variety of scales ranging from home grow to a registered medical cannabis caregiver to a commercial underground market grower. He was a registered medical cultivator in California in the early days of Prop 215. Kendall specializes in indoor cultivation and maximizing yields in small spaces. His primary focus is on helping growers be successful in which ever style they choose to grow.

About White River Growpro

Kendall Smith, Cofounder of White River Growpro

Looking to set up your commercial grow? With 30 years of indoor cultivation experience, the team at White River Growpro is here to help you build the grow facility of your dreams.

Whether you need full scale facility design, or simply a kick ass local supplier who is willing to work hard to earn your business, give us a call. We offer highly competitive pricing on lighting, HVAC, PVC wall panels, benching, media, nutrients, and all your grow essentials, as well as harvest and post processing equipment.

Pay the same, or less than going to a national supplier or direct to vendors, and support your local economy in the process. We work with growers around the state and offer both delivery and drop ship options that will save you time and money.

Kendall Smith and Stephanie Waterman founded White River Growpro in 2014.

Learn more about White River Growpro