Old Growth Vermont

In da cuts of Brownsville

  • 3rd party tested
  • Education offered
  • insurance
  • Licensed
  • locally owned
  • social equity license
  • Vermont grown
  • Woman owned



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In da cuts of Brownsville


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Old Growth Vermont (OGVT) aims to grow quality cannabis as nature intended – derived from living matter, without artificial agents, using living soil.

“Living soil” is a biodiverse growing medium that does not rely on fertilizers, but rather, centers on beneficial microbes. It has an active microbiology and biodiversity which includes things like worms, arthropods and a healthy fungi bacteria ratio; a healthy microbiome.

OGVT provides deep knowledge and insight on all their strains, including terpene profiles. You can find their strains at Heady Partner retailers like: Vermont Bud Barn, Capital Cannabis Co., and Sunday Drive. Visit our Shop page to see all retailers!