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Vermont strain Kush Mints by Tall Truck

Strain Review: Kush Mints by Tall Truck

Kush Mints is an evenly balanced, somewhat indica-leaning hybrid coming from a cross of the ...

Sam 9 Aug 2022

Despite Late Start, Outdoor Growers Happy to Get Their Hands Dirty

As Vermont’s first cannabis retailers prepare to potentially open their doors in just under ...

Meg McIntyre 4 Aug 2022

Licensing Update: Board Introduces New Compliance Team, 20 New Licenses Issued, Retail Applications Open

MONTPELIER – Resuming after a brief hiatus from its regular meeting last week, the Vermont Cannabis ...

Ella Guinan 3 Aug 2022
Bisabolol terpene in chamomile flowers

Terpene Tuesday: Bisabolol

Bisabolol (also known as levomenol and alpha-bisabolol) has a warm floral aroma with nutty or ...

Heady Vermont Staff 2 Aug 2022
nina turner

News Roll Up: Primary Season Heats Up, Labor Unions Bloom in Weed Industry, JuicyFields’ Alleged Ponzi Scheme

“It’s time to end the war on drugs.”   — Nina Turner, Twitter Welcome To The ...

Heady Vermont Staff 1 Aug 2022

Cannabis Flowering: When Does It Begin and What Are the Stages?

You’ve spent weeks coaxing your plants through the vegetative growth stage, and they’re ...

Homegrown Cannabis Co 30 Jul 2022

What are Cannabis Flavonoids, or Cannaflavins?

When we talk about bioactive compounds in cannabis, the more broadly known cannabinoids and terpenes ...

Heady Vermont Staff 29 Jul 2022
Mixing Alcohol and Cannabis

Mixing Alcohol and Cannabis

If you’ve ever downed a couple beers and then taken a toke, you may ...

Heady Vermont Staff 29 Jul 2022
Partner Deals

Efficiency Vermont Incentives for Cannabis Cultivators

Indoor cannabis cultivation is one of the most energy intensive industries. Efficiency Vermont can work ...

Heady Partners 27 Jul 2022
Help I'm too High

What to Do If You’re Too High: A Guide to Coming Down

Whoopsie-daisy! It’s happened to the even best and most experienced of us. It could ...

Heady Vermont Staff 26 Jul 2022
Eucalyptus leaves contain large amounts of the terpene eucalyptol

Terpene Tuesday: Eucalyptol

Eucalyptol, sometimes referred to as cineol, is a terpene found in eucalyptus trees, and other ...

Heady Vermont Staff 26 Jul 2022
2022 Vermont Primary Election Guide

Vermont’s Primary Election Season Heats Up – How You Can Vote and Who’s Running

MONTPELIER — 2022 is looking like a historic election year in Vermont as the primary election on ...

Heady Vermont Staff 26 Jul 2022

VT News Roundup: 100 Licenses Approved, Licensing Map, Hemp Program Ending, Newfane Weighs Retail, Free Cannabis Classes

Control Board Update: 100 Licenses Approved, Packaging Updates, Map of Licensed Establishments MONTPELIER — Last week, the ...

Heady Vermont Staff 25 Jul 2022

UVM and Vermont State College System Offer Free Cannabis Courses for Vermonters

The University of Vermont and the Vermont State College System, which includes Community College of ...

Heady Vermont Staff 25 Jul 2022

Pruning Cannabis – When and How to Do It

Certain pruning techniques may boost the growth and health of many of your plants, and ...

Homegrown Cannabis Co 22 Jul 2022

Senate Leadership Introduces Legislation to End Federal Cannabis Prohibition

Washington, DC: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), along with Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) and ...

NORML 21 Jul 2022

Trailblazers: Snowbird Botanicals on Embracing Education, Wellness and Organic Methods

Snowbird Botanicals founders Ivan and Cynthia talk about developing sustainable and organic methods, fighting stigma ...

Adam Osha 21 Jul 2022

Vermont’s new MagicStone Launches With a Breakthrough Cannabis Instrument

The innovative MagicStone brand is the result of a combined effort of two iconic Vermont ...

Heady Partners 21 Jul 2022
Cannabis Infused Smoothie Recipe

Recipe: Cannabis Infused Smoothie With Frozen Fruit

You want to get your fruits and vegetables… but you also want to stay cool ...

Heady Vermont Staff 20 Jul 2022

Vermont Cannabis Control Board Reaches Milestone – Over 100 Licenses Now Approved, 24 in Today’s Meeting

MONTPELIER – Today, the Vermont Cannabis Control Board noted that it had reached a major milestone, ...

Monica Donovan 20 Jul 2022

Strain Review: Wedding Cake by High Brix Cannabis

This strain has been on my Toker’s Wish List for some time – so I ...

Liz Wiley 18 Jul 2022

News Roll Up: VT Abandons Hemp Program, US Senators Raise Heat on Biden, ‘Smoke and Poke’ Dating Site

“It’s well past time to end the racist and predatory war on drugs. We ...

Ella Guinan 18 Jul 2022

Licensing Update: Control Board Picks Up The Pace, Approving 30 Licenses

MONTPELIER – Thirty cultivator applications, the highest number to date, were approved for licensure at today’...

Ella Guinan 13 Jul 2022

Trailblazers: Euphoria Cannabis on Creating Momentum, Lifting Up Others and Overcoming Hurdles

This article is part of a regular series, Trailblazers, highlighting entrepreneurs entering the legal cannabis ...

Meg McIntyre 13 Jul 2022
Cannabis in Vermont - What's Legal and What's Not in VT?

Cannabis in Vermont – What’s Legal and What’s Not?

What are the laws around possession, consumption and cultivation of cannabis in Vermont? You’ve ...

Heady Vermont Staff 13 Jul 2022
Photo by Monica Donovan

Where to Find the Best Creemees in Vermont: Six of Our Favorite Spots

Where do you find the best creemees in Vermont? We’ve shared just a handful ...

Heady Vermont Staff 9 Jul 2022

VT Agency of Agriculture: Vermont Hemp Production Plan Will End On December 31

MONTPELIER — The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets (VAAFM) will withdraw its Agricultural Marketing ...

Heady Vermont Staff 7 Jul 2022
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10% Off White River Growpro In-Store and Online

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Heady Partners 6 Jul 2022

Licensing Update: Nine New Licenses Awarded, Applications for Manufacturing and Wholesale Now Open

MONTPELIER — Although today’s Vermont Cannabis Control Board meeting didn’t last much more than ...

Ella Guinan 6 Jul 2022

Forget Diet Weed, THCV Is a Rockstar Compound For Other Reasons

While I have been intrigued by the cannabinoid THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) for some time now, I ...

Diana-Ashley Krach 6 Jul 2022

Movies & Munchies: Heady’s Top Streaming Picks for Summer

Looking for something to watch at home? Here are eight of our top streaming picks ...

Heady Vermont Staff 5 Jul 2022

Trailblazers: Red Clover Analytics Prides Itself on ‘A Better Standard’ of Testing

Yearim Plantillas of Red Clover Analytics talks about cannabis analytics and the importance of high ...

Meg McIntyre 5 Jul 2022

Control Board Brings On Agency of Ag’s Cary Giguere as Head of Compliance

The Vermont Cannabis Control Board announced the hiring of Cary Giguere as Compliance Director during ...

Heady Vermont Staff 1 Jul 2022

Licensing Update: Twelve New Licenses Approved, Next Application Window Opens July 1

MONTPELIER — Today’s Vermont Cannabis Control Board meeting kicked off with an exciting announcement – the ...

Ella Guinan 29 Jun 2022

News Roll Up: Eliminating Plastic From the Industry, Curaleaf Targets Unionized Employees, SAFE Banking Act Rejected

Law enforcement control over any kind of medical care is dangerous & counterproductive. If you ...

Ella Guinan 28 Jun 2022

Trailblazers: Brookfield Buds in the Business of Regeneration

This article is part of a regular series, Trailblazers, highlighting entrepreneurs entering the legal cannabis ...

Meg McIntyre 24 Jun 2022
Vermont cannabis strain passenger pigeon

Strain Review: Passenger Pigeon by Clover Hill Cannabis

Strain review of Passenger Pigeon, grown by Clover Hill Cannabis. Strain Review: Passenger Pigeon by ...

Sam 23 Jun 2022

Licensing Update: Thirteen New Licenses Approved, Packaging Waivers and More in Today’s Meeting

MONTPELIER — The Vermont Cannabis Control Board met today to discuss licensing updates and other topics ...

Ella Guinan 22 Jun 2022

Ten Black-Owned Businesses to Support in Vermont

As we continue to recognize and honor the meaning of Juneteenth in the United States, ...

Heady Vermont Staff 19 Jun 2022

In Race to Launch Adult-Use Market, Medical Patients and Caregivers Feel Stuck on Sidelines

As adult-use consumers and businesses gear up for the debut of Vermont’s retail market, ...

Meg McIntyre 16 Jun 2022

Licensing Update: Eight More Licenses Approved by Control Board, Legacy Market and Backlog Addressed

MONTEPLIER — Today, the Vermont Cannabis Control Board met to discuss licensing and provide the public ...

Ella Guinan 15 Jun 2022
How can cannabis consumption, possession and cultivation impact divorce proceedings?

How Cannabis Use Can Impact Divorce Proceedings

Finding an attorney who specializes in both drug policy and family law (in your state) ...

Diana-Ashley Krach 13 Jun 2022
Do-Si-Dos Cannabis Strain, Grown in Vermont

Strain Review: Do-Si-Dos by The Cannaisseur

Strain review of Do-Si-Dos, grown by The Cannaisseur. Strain Review: Do-Si-Dos by The Cannaisseur Next ...

Sam 9 Jun 2022
New cannabis operating licenses Issued by the Vermont Cannabis Control Board the first week of June 2022.

Licensing Update: Control Board Approves Eight New Licenses, Including General Priority Statuses

MONTPELIER — During today’s Vermont Cannabis Control Board meeting, board members approved eight licenses and 20 ...

Ella Guinan 6 Jun 2022
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30% Off Vermont Cannabis Convention Tickets from NECANN

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Heady Partners 3 Jun 2022

Strain Review: Snowball by Vermont Select

Strain review of Snowball, grown by Vermont Select. Strain Review: Snowball by Vermont Select Next ...

Sam 2 Jun 2022

Strain Review: Glazed Apricot Gelato by Vermont Select

Strain review of Glazed Apricot Gelato, grown by Vermont Select. Strain Review: Glazed Apricot Gelato ...

Sam 24 May 2022

Cannabis Seeds Considered Legal, May Be Shipped Across U.S., Says DEA

A recent legal clarification by the federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) could mean that the ...

Heady Vermont Staff 9 Apr 2022

Vermont Hempicurean Looks to the Future With Brattleboro Expansion, Vermont Bud Barn

BRATTLEBORO —With an eye on Vermont’s nascent legal market, longtime Brattleboro CBD store Vermont ...

Rebecca White 15 Feb 2022

Terpene Tuesday: Valencene

Valencene is one of the lesser known terpenes found in cannabis, but still provides powerful ...

Heady Vermont Staff 7 Nov 2021
entourage effect

Entourage Effect

The entourage effect is a proposed mechanism by which cannabis compounds other than tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) ...

Heady Vermont Staff 1 Oct 2021

How to Make Buds Grow Faster and Harvest Cannabis Earlier Outdoors

Why on earth would you want to speed up the flowering stage? The conventional thinking ...

Homegrown Cannabis Co 24 Sep 2021
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15% Off From Vermont Select

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Heady Partners 15 Nov 2020

What is a Budtender?

A budtender is an employee who works at a cannabis retail storefront and represents the ...

Glossary 10 Aug 2020

How to Make the Best-Ever Infused Summer Fruit Popsicles, to Talking Heads’ Popsicle

Infused popsicles are perfect for a mellow weekend afternoon lounging in tubes, backyard hangouts with ...

Monica Donovan 18 Jul 2020

Penalties for Possession, Sale and Cultivation of Cannabis in Vermont

Editor’s Note: The last update to this article was July 30, 2021. Check out our more ...

Heady Vermont Staff 9 Jun 2020
Vermont Select cannabis trimming.

Vermont Select: CBD Hemp Buds at the Peak of Freshness

Derek Mercury, Ryan Podd, and Dan Silver met while teaching snowboarding and skiing at Smugglers ...

Cindy Kleh 21 May 2020

Terpene Tuesday: Borneol

The terpene borneol, though not found in large amounts in cannabis, nonetheless has an important ...

Erin Doble 31 Dec 2019

Terpene Tuesday: Linalool

Linalool is a special terpene that isn’t specific to cannabis; it can be found ...

Heady Vermont Staff 17 Dec 2019

Terpene Tuesday: Humulene

Similar to terpenes like pinene and myrcene, humulene (hyu-myu-leen) is an element in cannabis fundamental ...

Ella Guinan 3 Dec 2019

Terpene Tuesday: Myrcene

Considered one of the top ten terpenes, myrcene is known for its pleasant pine and ...

Heady Vermont Staff 29 Oct 2019
Hands in black gloves trimming buds during cannabis harvest.

Growing Your Own 101: Cannabis Harvest, Drying, Trimming, Curing and Storage

From figuring out when you’re ready for cannabis harvest to trimming ahead to save ...

Heady Vermont Staff 5 Oct 2019

The Great Decarb Debate

Learn about decarb and cannabis: Cannabis is a unique plant in a lot of ways. ...

Stephanie Boucher 6 Jun 2018