Juniper Lane Cannabis


445 Main Street
Bennington, VT 05201

  • dispensary
  • Licensed
  • locally owned
  • Woman owned




[email protected]


(802) 440-5755


445 Main Street
Bennington, VT 05201


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Juniper Lane is a woman-owned Cannabis Dispensary in Bennington, Vermont. Our mission is to be a diverse, inclusive, and equitable cannabis business that enriches the local community. Find us at 445 Main Street in Bennington!

Juniper Lane aims to:

  • Support other women own cannabis companies and increase female ownership in the cannabis space.
  • Provide high quality cannabis flower and products from local craft growers and producers.
  • To be a hub for the cannabis community in Southern Vermont.
  • To foster diversity, equity, and inclusion within our team and community.

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Cannasations w/Kris: Headies Cup with Heady Founder Monica Donovan

Heady Vermont Founder and CEO Monica Donovan headed to Kris Brown’s podcast studio to ...

Heady Vermont Staff 23 Mar 2023
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Heady Vermont Staff 22 Mar 2023

Cannabis and Hemp Products To Be Exempted From 92% Wholesale Vape Tax

MONTPELIER — For four years, cannabis and hemp vape products sold in Vermont have been subject ...

Heady Vermont Staff 22 Mar 2023

Terpene Tuesday: Guaiol

Featuring a distinctive pine aroma with fragrant undertones of wood and rose, guaiol, or champacol, ...

Heady Vermont Staff 21 Mar 2023

Vermont Lawmakers File Bills To Legalize Psychedelics, Decriminalize Drug Possession

MONTPELIER — Lawmakers in Vermont have introduced several bills which aim to make broad reforms to ...

Heady Vermont Staff 16 Mar 2023

Vermont News Roundup: Bethel Voters OK Pot Retailers; New Dispo in St. Albans; Debate Over THC Caps

Bethel Voters Approve Retail Cannabis; Brighton and Castleton Votes Fall Short Residents in Bethel said ...

Heady Vermont Staff 13 Mar 2023
Press Release

Press Release: National Dispensary Franchise Unity Rd. Signs Agreement for Vermont Shop

BURLINGTON — Unity Rd., the national cannabis dispensary franchise from Item 9 Labs Corp. (OTCQX: INLB), announced ...

Heady Vermont Staff 13 Mar 2023

Capped at 60% THC, Concentrates a Struggle for Vermont Manufacturers

The market is open, shops are popping up in every corner of the state, and ...

Adam Osha 7 Mar 2023

Terpene Tuesday: Octanol

The secondary terpene octanol can be found in mint, tea, hops, lavender, cannabis and more. ...

Ella Guinan 7 Mar 2023

Artist Profile: Liza Phillip on Radical Inclusion and Creativity

Bethel, Vermont in the early 2000s was a place of exploration for Liza Phillip. The ...

Ella Guinan 4 Mar 2023

Vermont Cannabis Retailers Create Trade Group

MONTPELIER — Cannabis retailers held a press conference at the Vermont Statehouse on Wednesday to talk ...

Heady Vermont Staff 2 Mar 2023

Brattleboro Savings & Loan to Close All Cannabis Banking Accounts

BRATTLEBORO — Brattleboro Savings & Loan announced today that it is “withdrawing from offering banking services ...

Ella Guinan 1 Mar 2023
Press Release

Press Release: Brattleboro Savings & Loan Exiting Cannabis Banking

BRATTLEBORO — Brattleboro Savings & Loan has announced that it is withdrawing from offering banking services ...

Ella Guinan 1 Mar 2023

Eight Black-Owned Businesses to Support in Vermont

We’ve put together a list of Black-owned businesses in Vermont that you can support – ...

Ella Guinan 28 Feb 2023

Licensing Update: 14 Licensing Applications Approved, 6 of Them Retail, Outdoor/Mixed Cultivation Window to Close in April

MONTPELIER — In today’s Vermont Cannabis Control Board meeting, 14 adult-use cannabis licenses were approved, including ...

Ella Guinan 27 Feb 2023
Product Review

Weed for Winter: Five Vermont-Grown Strains To Warm You Up and Chill You Out

When the cold weather rolls around, nothing hits the spot quite like a rip off ...

Heady Vermont Staff 24 Feb 2023

Vermont Retail Cannabis Revenue Nearly $6 Million in January

MONTPELIER — During the first month of 2023, cannabis retailers in Vermont sold over $5.7 million worth of ...

Ella Guinan 21 Feb 2023

Vermont Cannabis Control Board Seeks Info On Alleged Ties Between Abramovich, Curaleaf

MONTPELIER — Days after Vice published a story about Putin ally Roman Abramovich bankrolling the US ...

Heady Vermont Staff 18 Feb 2023

Scott Sparks Connects Vermonters to Local Cannabis – and Evidence-Based Education From UVM PACE

Brattleboro-based Scott Sparks hadn’t been much of an entrepreneur since the mid-80s, back ...

Heady Vermont Staff 16 Feb 2023
Press Release

SLANG Worldwide Issues 100mil Additional Shares to Former HiFi Stakeholders, Noting “Better Than Anticipated” Vermont Rec Sales

Editor’s Note: This press release was originally published on Newsfile on February 13, 2023. It has ...

Heady Vermont Staff 14 Feb 2023

Vermont News Roundup: New Burlington VT Dispensaries Open, Bill Introduced to Lift Potency Limits on Concentrates

New VT Dispensaries Open in Burlington This week, new dispensaries are opening up in Burlington, ...

Heady Vermont Staff 13 Feb 2023
consumer warning

Consumer Protection Warning: Holland Cannabis Flower

The Cannabis Control Board (CCB) is issuing a consumer protection warning for flower produced by ...

Heady Vermont Staff 4 Feb 2023

In Industry First, Vermont’s Control Board Halts Sale of Tainted Cannabis

MONTPELIER — In a first for the state’s nascent weed industry, the Vermont Cannabis Control ...

Heady Vermont Staff 3 Feb 2023

Licensing Update: 23 New Applications Approved, 2022 Revenue Surpassed $6M, Review of Social Equity Report

MONTPELIER – Today was the Vermont Cannabis Control Board’s first meeting of 2023. With an increased ...

Ella Guinan 31 Jan 2023

FDA Kicking CBD Regulations Over to Congress

This official U.S. Food and Drug Administration Press Release was originally published on January 26, 2023: ...

Heady Vermont Staff 26 Jan 2023
The Headies Cup Vermont Cannabis Competition - Homegrow Track Categories
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$25 Off Headies Cup Entry For Members

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Heady Vermont Staff 26 Jan 2023
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$25 Off Headies Cup Entry For Partners

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Heady Vermont Staff 26 Jan 2023
Press Release

Showcasing Legacy and Legal, The Headies Cup Enters Its Fourth Year

BURLINGTON – As Vermont kicks off its first full year of adult use sales, nearly 300 cultivators ...

Heady Vermont Staff 25 Jan 2023

Terpene Tuesday: Camphor

Known for its powerful, mentholated aroma and first discovered in the trunks of boreno camphor ...

Ella Guinan 23 Jan 2023
Vermont Dispensaries on the way to snow covered Mount Mansfield, pictured here in winter in Stowe VT.

Vermont Cannabis Retail Sales Surpassed $6 Million in 2022

MONTPELIER — In November, Vermont’s second month of retail cannabis sales, retailers across the state ...

Heady Vermont Staff 23 Jan 2023

How to Get High — And Get Shit Done

One of the most common misconceptions about pot smokers is that they are lazy hippie ...

Heady Vermont Staff 14 Jan 2023

Trailblazers: Ellen Brown’s Green Path From Trimmer to Cannabis Educator

In the early 2010s, Ellen Brown, owner of Green Path Training, said that California’s ...

Rebecca White 11 Jan 2023
New England

Adult-Use Cannabis Sales Kick Off in Connecticut

In Connecticut, as of 10 a.m. Tuesday, licensed retailers can now sell cannabis products to ...

NORML 10 Jan 2023

Edibles 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Edibles

Done right, cannabis edibles are a wonderfully fun time, with a deep and satisfying high ...

Adam Osha 10 Jan 2023
new york

New York Adult Use Cannabis Sales Begin

NEW YORK — Governor Kathy Hochul today announced the first sales of legal, regulated adult-use cannabis ...

Heady Vermont Staff 30 Dec 2022

Vermont Cannabis Regulators Recommend Dropping THC Caps on Concentrates

The Vermont Cannabis Control Board is making an official recommendation that the state remove its ...

Heady Vermont Staff 27 Dec 2022

Heady Holiday Gift Guide: 10 (or More) Must-Have Items

It’s the holiday season in Vermont – and for the first time ever, you can ...

Heady Vermont Staff 22 Dec 2022

Giving the Gift of Cannabis: Etiquette Tips

If you’re planning to give the gift of Vermont-grown cannabis this year, it’s ...

Monica Donovan 21 Dec 2022

Licensing Update: Nine New Licenses Issued, Draft Report on Hemp Regulations Reviewed

MONTPELIER — An uplifting announcement kicked off today’s Vermont Cannabis Control Board meeting. Chair of ...

Ella Guinan 21 Dec 2022

Vermont Cannabis Retail Sales Totaled $2.6 Million in October

MONTPELIER — After a 75-day wait, the numbers are finally in: During Vermont’s first month ...

Heady Vermont Staff 21 Dec 2022

VTCNA Health Tips: Cannabis and Drug Interactions

Use caution when taking cannabis with other drugs that cause drowsiness, such as alcohol, benzodiazepines (...

Jessilyn Dolan 20 Dec 2022

How to Clean Your Bong 101

How to Clean Your Bong: The Basics Bongs are a timeless and efficient way to ...

Ella Guinan 19 Dec 2022
The bud bar, on display at Vermont Bud Barn in Brattleboro. by Meg McIntyre for Heady Vermont.

At Vermont Bud Barn, ‘Weed is Us’

As I pull into the gravel parking lot off Route 9 in West Brattleboro, the tips ...

Meg McIntyre 15 Dec 2022

Licensing Update: Nine New Licenses Issued, Board Reviews Draft Report on Solid Concentrates

MONTPELIER — Today was the first Vermont Cannabis Control Board (CCB) meeting without former General Counsel ...

Ella Guinan 14 Dec 2022

Terpene Tuesday: Pulegone

Pulegone is a lesser-known monoterpene found in many plants, such as peppermint and catnip, and ...

Heady Vermont Staff 13 Dec 2022

Cannabis Control Board Announces Tracking Partnership, Public Transparency Project

DENVER — On Friday, Vermont’s Cannabis Control Board announced a partnership with NCS Analytics, a ...

Heady Vermont Staff 12 Dec 2022

New Regulation Looms Over Vermont Hemp-Derived Products

Vermont hemp producers are staring down an uncertain future, as the state Agency of Agriculture ...

Meg McIntyre 8 Dec 2022

Licensing Update: Eight Licenses Issued, General Counsel Set to Depart Board

MONTPELIER — In departure from last week‘s lengthy reviews, the Vermont Cannabis Control Board kept ...

Ella Guinan 7 Dec 2022
Outdoor CBD Hemp cultivated by Farm Fresh Hemp in Essex. Photo by Erin Doble.

Commentary: New Hemp Industry Regulations Will Hurt Vermont Hemp Businesses

Thank you for providing the ability to testify before the Vermont Cannabis Control Board regarding ...

Heady Vermont Staff 7 Dec 2022

Op-Ed: Vermont’s Cannabis Consumption Law Fails to Protect Communities Historically Impacted by Prohibition

Vermont legalized small amounts of cannabis to grow at home, possess, and consume for adults 21 ...

Vermont Growers Association 5 Dec 2022

Taxed at 92%, Vapes Carry High Price Tag For Both Industry and Consumer

Shoppers at Vermont dispensaries may have noticed that cannabis vapes can be hard to find – ...

Adam Osha 1 Dec 2022
New England

Rhode Island Launches Adult Use Cannabis Sales

Licensed cannabis retailers in Rhode Island will officially be allowed to sell cannabis products to ...

NORML 1 Dec 2022

Licensing Update: Board Issues Eight New Licenses, Proposes Rule Changes

MONTPELIER — The Vermont Cannabis Control Board came back strong after the holiday break to discuss ...

Ella Guinan 30 Nov 2022

Strain Review: Peanut Butter Runtz by Legacy Vermont Cannabis

Peanut Butter Runtz (PbtRtz) is a rather new strain hitting the craft cannabis market. Sought ...

Liz Wiley 28 Nov 2022

Trailblazers: Women-Owned Juniper Lane Prioritizes Accessibility, Community in Southern VT

10 years ago, Colleen McQuade of Juniper Lane had no idea she would be the owner ...

Adam Osha 22 Nov 2022

Licensing Update: 5 Retail, 1 Integrated License Among 14 Approved by Board Today

MONTPELIER — The Vermont Cannabis Control Board issued 14 new licenses this afternoon, including five retailers and ...

Monica Donovan 16 Nov 2022

Trailblazers: Duke’s Diesel on Growing From the Ground Up

Like their plants, Sarah and Albert Clark of Duke’s Diesel are growing their business ...

Adam Osha 16 Nov 2022

Control Board: Hemp-Derived Products Containing 1mg Or More THC Must Be Regulated

MONTPELIER — On Friday November 4, the Vermont Cannabis Control Board posted an industry bulletin to their ...

Heady Vermont Staff 15 Nov 2022
Veterans Day Cannabis Giveaway

Heady Vermont Celebrates Five Years of the Annual Veterans Day Giveaway on Sunday, November 20

BURLINGTON — In celebration of Veterans Day, Heady Vermont is organizing its fifth annual cannabis event ...

Heady Vermont Staff 11 Nov 2022

Licensing Update: 10 New VT Licenses Issued Today; Hemp-Derived THC Will Be Regulated

MONTPELIER — The Vermont Cannabis Control Board issued ten new licenses at today’s meeting, including ...

Ella Guinan 9 Nov 2022

U.S. Election Results 2022: Maryland + Missouri Voters Legalize Weed; Colorado 2nd State to Legalize Medicinal Psychedelics

Editor’s Note: This story was updated on November 11 with results of the psychedelics ballot ...

Heady Vermont Staff 9 Nov 2022

Licensing Update: Nine New Licenses Issued, Including One Retailer

MONTPELIER — Nine more licenses, including one retailer, were issued at today’s Vermont Cannabis Control ...

Ella Guinan 2 Nov 2022

10/31 Week Highlights: Grand Openings at Vermont Dispensaries in Montpelier, Morrisville and more

It’s no trick – a few more Vermont dispensaries will be opening this week! We ...

Ella Guinan 31 Oct 2022

Vermont is The #4 Least Affordable State for Renters

Anyone who’s ever attempted a search for rental units in the Burlington metro area ...

Stacker 30 Oct 2022

Licensing Update: Five New Vermont Retail Licenses Issued

MONTPELIER – Up from four last week, five new retail cannabis licenses have been issued by ...

Ella Guinan 26 Oct 2022

Terpene Tuesday: Carene

Delta-3-carene (also known as 3-carene or simply carene) is a bicyclic monoterpene commonly found ...

Ella Guinan 25 Oct 2022
Vermont Dispensary in Brattleboro

Where To Find Vermont Dispensaries Near You: October 24 Update

Following a slow start to Vermont’s October 1 launch of adult use cannabis sales, more ...

Heady Vermont Staff 24 Oct 2022

Roll Up: New Retailers Open in VT, Trulieve CEO Arrives in Mass Amid Union Push, Descheduling > Rescheduling

“It’s about destigmatizing use… at the same time, it’s [about] making sure that ...

Ella Guinan 24 Oct 2022

Must-See Nineties TV Was Prohibition Propaganda

The 90’s was a strange decade for entertainment, which is why Very Special Episodes were ...

Diana-Ashley Krach 22 Oct 2022

Licensing Update: Control Board Issues Nine New Licenses Including Four Retailers

MONTPELIER – Access to regulated retail cannabis in Vermont continues to grow with the issuing of ...

Ella Guinan 19 Oct 2022

Strain Review: Dirty Taxi X Gas Runtz by Midnight Farm

I’m excited to share this review as Dirty Taxi x Gas Runtz may be ...

Liz Wiley 18 Oct 2022

VTCNA Offers State-Certified Training For Cannabis Professionals and Budtenders

The Vermont Cannabis Nurses Association, in collaboration with Clean Green, is offering a live, full ...

Heady Vermont Staff 17 Oct 2022
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15% Off for Members at Lily Hill CBD

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Heady Partners 15 Oct 2022
Product Review

Product Review: Highly Rooted Edibles

Welcome to the first Heady Vermont cannabis product review! Expanding on our flower strain/cultivar ...

Liz Wiley 15 Oct 2022

Licensing Update: Control Board Issues Seven New Licenses, Including Four Retailers

MONTPELIER – Barely two weeks into retail cannabis sales in Vermont, adult-use licensing applications continue to ...

Ella Guinan 12 Oct 2022

Vermont Cannabis Control Board Statement on Federal Cannabis Possession Pardons

Yesterday afternoon, President Biden announced the pardon of more than 6,000 people with federal convictions for ...

Heady Vermont Staff 8 Oct 2022

Roll Up: Biden Announces Major Cannabis Reforms ⛓

“This industry could not have taken off with out capable entrepreneurs that had some serious ...

Ella Guinan 7 Oct 2022

VTCNA Launches Free Cannabis Nurse Hotline in Vermont

Vermont Cannabis Nurses Association (VTCNA), will offer over 1,000 FREE 15 minute consultation appointments annually! Designed for ...

Heady Vermont Staff 7 Oct 2022

Licensing Update: Thirteen Licenses Issued by VT Regulators

MONTPELIER – In its first meeting since regulated retail sales kicked off across the state on ...

Heady Vermont Staff 7 Oct 2022

President Biden to Pardon All Prior Federal Offenses for Simple Cannabis Possession

On October 6, 2022, President Joe Biden announced that he is pardoning all prior federal offenses for ...

Heady Vermont Staff 6 Oct 2022
Moses Baca and Samuel Caldwell,

HIGH ON HISTORY: The First Victims of Cannabis Prohibition – A Weed Dealer And His Buyer

Moses Baca and Samuel Caldwell were the first two Americans arrested and imprisoned in the ...

Heady Vermont Staff 5 Oct 2022

Terpene Tuesday: Terpineol

Terpineol is a cyclic monoterpenoid alcohol commonly found in tea tree oil, and bears a ...

Ella Guinan 4 Oct 2022

Long Lines, Joyful Vibes Mark First Weekend of Vermont Dispensary Sales

RUTLAND — Strolling up to the end of the line at Mountain Girl Cannabis in Rutland ...

Monica Donovan 3 Oct 2022
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25% Off App Listings for Heady Partners

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Heady Partners 2 Oct 2022

Strain Review: Mike Larry x Gas Runtz by Midnight Farm

This week’s strain review, Mike Larry x Gas Runtz, is provided by Midnight Farm ...

Liz Wiley 2 Oct 2022

Where to Find Recreational Vermont Dispensaries in Rutland, Middlebury and More

With just a handful of Vermont dispensaries licensed for the state’s October 1 retail cannabis ...

Heady Vermont Staff 30 Sep 2022

What’s Happening On October 1? A Guide to Vermont’s First Day of Cannabis Retail Sales

The big day is finally almost here. Saturday, October 1 is Vermont’s first day of ...

Heady Vermont Staff 30 Sep 2022
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10% Off for Members at Vermont Organic Solutions

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Heady Partners 29 Sep 2022
Strain Review Pancake Breath by Old Growth Vermont

Strain Review: OG Kush Breath x Pancakes “Pancake Breath” by Old Growth Vermont

A cross between OG Kush Breath and Pancakes, Pancake Breath by Old Growth Vermont (OGV) ...

Ella Guinan 29 Sep 2022

Licensing Update: Thirteen Licenses Issued, Including One Retailer, As 10/1 Looms

MONTPELIER – Today’s Vermont Cannabis Control Board meeting, the final before adult use sales kick ...

Ella Guinan 28 Sep 2022

Banking for Vermont Cannabiz – What Are the Options?

Editor’s Note: On Wednesday, March 1, 2023, Brattleboro Savings & Loan announced that they are ending ...

Heady Vermont Staff 27 Sep 2022

Microdosing: Five Things to Consider

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me where to get mushrooms. I ...

Ella Guinan 27 Sep 2022

Roll Up: Burlington Panel OKs Pot Retailers, NY Approves Medical Homegrow, Thai Lawmakers Withdraw Bill to Regulate Cannabis

“I wanted to show that Black women can run a [cannabis] business as well as ...

Ella Guinan 26 Sep 2022
Buds filling out at Family Tree Cannabis Co., a licensed grower and manufacturer in northern Vermont, in early September.

Retail Launch is Coming, But Rollout Will Be Gradual

Next week, the day Vermonters have been waiting for will finally arrive: the official launch ...

Meg McIntyre 22 Sep 2022

Strain Review: Blockhead by Life Arises Farm

Blockhead, an indica-dominant hybrid with a secretive lineage, delivers a strong, spicy aroma and potent, ...

Liz Wiley 22 Sep 2022

National Craft Cannabis Coalition Established by Six State-Level Cannabis Orgs

The National Craft Cannabis Coalition (NCCC) has been established to support small, independent cannabis producers ...

Heady Vermont Staff 22 Sep 2022

Licensing Update: Seven New Licenses Issued By Control Board

MONTPELIER – Despite the surprise jumpstart on issuing the state’s first retail licenses last week, ...

Ella Guinan 21 Sep 2022
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10% Off for Members at Vermont Hempicurean and Vermont Grow Barn

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Heady Partners 19 Sep 2022

As State’s First Retailers Are Licensed, Heady Vermont Launches App and Extends Cannabis Celebration

The state’s largest cannabis media and events platform, Heady Vermont, announces App launch and ...

Heady Vermont Staff 19 Sep 2022
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FREE Track + Trace Services from Trace

Trace, track & trace software company, is offering its services to Vermont cannabis licensing applicants – ...

Heady Partners 19 Sep 2022

VT News Roundup: 1st Retail Licenses Make Headlines, St Mikes Professor Measures Weed Effects, Newfane to Vote on Pot Stores

First VT Retail Licenses Make Headlines Across the US Vermont made some waves last week ...

Heady Vermont Staff 19 Sep 2022
Freedom Flower Vermont Trailblazers

Trailblazers: Seltzer Lineup and Cross-Industry Collabs in the Mix for Freedom Flower

Collaboration is key in the cannabis industry, and Christopher Chabot, founder of Freedom Flower, has ...

Adam Osha 18 Sep 2022

Strain Review: Chemdawg by Mountain Girl Cannabis

Chemdawg is a classic and potent hybrid that leans into modern sativa effects, easily recognized ...

Liz Wiley 16 Sep 2022

Trailblazers: Royal Highness Consulting Brings a Sense of Belonging to the Cannabis Industry

This article is part of a regular series, Trailblazers, highlighting entrepreneurs entering the legal cannabis ...

Rebecca White 15 Sep 2022

Licensing Update (Part II): Temp Inventory Tracking to Kick Off Soon

MONTPELIER – While today’s approval of the first cannabis retail licenses  – more than two weeks ...

Ella Guinan 14 Sep 2022

Control Board Approves First Vermont Cannabis Retail Licenses

MONTPELIER – In a surprise twist, the Vermont Cannabis Control Board approved its first batch of ...

Monica Donovan 14 Sep 2022

Engineering Efficiency and Savings For Cannabis Cultivators: Defiance Electric

For indoor cannabis cultivators, transitioning from a home-grow to a full-scale facility can be intimidating. ...

Meg McIntyre 13 Sep 2022
Learn about acidic vs activated cannabinoids.

Acidic vs Activated Cannabinoids: What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between acidic, or inactive, and activated forms of cannabis? Explore what ...

Heady Vermont Staff 11 Sep 2022

News Roll Up: Newfane to Vote on Retail, PA Announces Expungement Efforts, SAFE Act Reforms Proposed

“We must advocate for amnesty for community members still in the legacy market so they ...

Ella Guinan 9 Sep 2022
Sunshine #4 Strain Review Grown by Family Tree Cannabis Co. in Vermont

Strain Review: Sunshine #4 by Family Tree Cannabis Co.

Sunshine #4 is a bright, balanced strain with a greasy citrus punch and a multi-layered high ...

Monica Donovan 9 Sep 2022

Licensing Update: Five New Cultivator Licenses Issued in Relatively Slow Week, As October Start Date Approaches

MONTPELIER – Coming off of last week’s whopping 63 license approvals, the Vermont Cannabis Control Board ...

Ella Guinan 7 Sep 2022

Licensing Update: A Record 63 Cannabis Licenses Issued; Over 200 Now Licensed As Control Board Readies for Fall

MONTPELIER – Though the Vermont Cannabis Control Board took a two-week break from meetings, it was ...

Heady Vermont Staff 31 Aug 2022

Terpene Tuesday: Ocimene

Ocimene is a monoterpene found in various plants and fruits that bears a sweet, woodsy ...

Heady Vermont Staff 30 Aug 2022

VSECU Pause Limits Already Slim Cannabis Banking Options

BURLINGTON — Vermont cannabis businesses still looking for their banking home now have one less option, ...

Meg McIntyre 29 Aug 2022
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Heady Partners 29 Aug 2022
cannabis terpene geraniol

Terpene Tuesday: Geraniol

Geraniol, though not as prominent as some of the more popular cannabis terpenes like limonene ...

Heady Vermont Staff 23 Aug 2022

VT News Roundup: Outdoor Cultivators in Limbo, Jay Select Board Discusses Weed, Cambridge Cannabis Sets Up Shop

CCB Says Outdoor Growers Not Yet Licensed May Grow – But Will Cops Get the Memo? ...

Heady Vermont Staff 22 Aug 2022
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Wholesale Grow Supply Discounts from White River Growpro

White River Growpro works with all the biggest and best brands in the industry, and ...

Heady Partners 22 Aug 2022

Event Highlights: Infused Moksha Dinner, Networking in Cambridge, Bluegrass Music and More

Our late summer Vermont cannabis events calendar is full of live music, entertainment, meetings and ...

Heady Vermont Staff 19 Aug 2022

Grower Advocate Stephanie Waterman is Making Waves in the Cannabis Industry

“As an advocate, you’re always banging your head against the wall,” said co-owner Stephanie ...

Rebecca White 17 Aug 2022

News Roll Up: Mass Passes Major Industry Reforms, Advocates Call out Trulieve, Malaysia Considers Medical Cannabis

“This law is an important step forward in resolving the harms of prohibition and over-policing, ...

Heady Vermont Staff 16 Aug 2022
Morrisville Vermont Cannabis Dispensary Retailer Higher Elevation

Trailblazers: Higher Elevation Embraces Community and Customer Service

Damien Evans used to be “a D.A.R.E. kid.” “I used to not ...

Monica Donovan 11 Aug 2022

Licensing Update: Board Issues 19 New Cultivator Licenses, Bringing Total Issued Vermont Cannabis Licenses to Nearly 150

MONTPELIER – During today’s meeting, members of the Vermont Cannabis Control Board approved 19 new cultivator ...

Heady Vermont Staff 10 Aug 2022
Vermont strain Kush Mints by Tall Truck

Strain Review: Kush Mints by Tall Truck

Kush Mints is an evenly balanced, somewhat indica-leaning hybrid coming from a cross of the ...

Sam 9 Aug 2022

Despite Late Start, Outdoor Growers Happy to Get Their Hands Dirty

As Vermont’s first cannabis retailers prepare to potentially open their doors in just under ...

Meg McIntyre 4 Aug 2022

Licensing Update: Board Introduces New Compliance Team, 20 New Licenses Issued, Retail Applications Open

MONTPELIER – Resuming after a brief hiatus from its regular meeting last week, the Vermont Cannabis ...

Ella Guinan 3 Aug 2022
Bisabolol terpene in chamomile flowers

Terpene Tuesday: Bisabolol

Bisabolol (also known as levomenol and alpha-bisabolol) has a warm floral aroma with nutty or ...

Heady Vermont Staff 2 Aug 2022
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Heady Partners 1 Aug 2022
nina turner

News Roll Up: Primary Season Heats Up, Labor Unions Bloom in Weed Industry, JuicyFields’ Alleged Ponzi Scheme

“It’s time to end the war on drugs.”   — Nina Turner, Twitter Welcome To The ...

Heady Vermont Staff 1 Aug 2022

Cannabis Flowering: When Does It Begin and What Are the Stages?

You’ve spent weeks coaxing your plants through the vegetative growth stage, and they’re ...

Homegrown Cannabis Co 30 Jul 2022

What are Cannabis Flavonoids, or Cannaflavins?

When we talk about bioactive compounds in cannabis, the more broadly known cannabinoids and terpenes ...

Heady Vermont Staff 29 Jul 2022
Mixing Alcohol and Cannabis

Mixing Alcohol and Cannabis

If you’ve ever downed a couple beers and then taken a toke, you may ...

Heady Vermont Staff 29 Jul 2022
Partner Deals

Efficiency Vermont Incentives for Cannabis Cultivators

Indoor cannabis cultivation is one of the most energy intensive industries. Efficiency Vermont can work ...

Heady Partners 27 Jul 2022
Help I'm too High

What to Do If You’re Too High: A Guide to Coming Down

Whoopsie-daisy! It’s happened to the even best and most experienced of us. It could ...

Heady Vermont Staff 26 Jul 2022
Eucalyptus leaves contain large amounts of the terpene eucalyptol

Terpene Tuesday: Eucalyptol

Eucalyptol, sometimes referred to as cineol, is a terpene found in eucalyptus trees, and other ...

Heady Vermont Staff 26 Jul 2022
2022 Vermont Primary Election Guide

Vermont’s Primary Election Season Heats Up – How You Can Vote and Who’s Running

MONTPELIER — 2022 is looking like a historic election year in Vermont as the primary election on ...

Heady Vermont Staff 26 Jul 2022

VT News Roundup: 100 Licenses Issued, Licensing Map, Hemp Program Ending, Newfane Weighs Retail, Free Cannabis Classes

Control Board Update: 100 Licenses Approved, Packaging Updates, Map of Licensed Establishments MONTPELIER — Last week, the ...

Heady Vermont Staff 25 Jul 2022

UVM and Vermont State College System Offer Free Cannabis Courses for Vermonters

The University of Vermont and the Vermont State College System, which includes Community College of ...

Heady Vermont Staff 25 Jul 2022

Pruning Cannabis – When and How to Do It

Certain pruning techniques may boost the growth and health of many of your plants, and ...

Homegrown Cannabis Co 22 Jul 2022

Senate Leadership Introduces Legislation to End Federal Cannabis Prohibition

Washington, DC: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), along with Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) and ...

NORML 21 Jul 2022

Trailblazers: Snowbird Botanicals on Embracing Education, Wellness and Organic Methods

Snowbird Botanicals founders Ivan and Cynthia talk about developing sustainable and organic methods, fighting stigma ...

Adam Osha 21 Jul 2022

Vermont’s new MagicStone Launches With a Breakthrough Cannabis Instrument

The innovative MagicStone brand is the result of a combined effort of two iconic Vermont ...

Heady Partners 21 Jul 2022
Cannabis Infused Smoothie Recipe

Recipe: Cannabis Infused Smoothie With Frozen Fruit

You want to get your fruits and vegetables… but you also want to stay cool ...

Heady Vermont Staff 20 Jul 2022

Vermont Cannabis Control Board Reaches Milestone – Over 100 Licenses Now Approved, 24 in Today’s Meeting

MONTPELIER – Today, the Vermont Cannabis Control Board noted that it had reached a major milestone, ...

Monica Donovan 20 Jul 2022

Strain Review: Wedding Cake by High Brix Cannabis

This strain has been on my Toker’s Wish List for some time – so I ...

Liz Wiley 18 Jul 2022

News Roll Up: VT Abandons Hemp Program, US Senators Raise Heat on Biden, ‘Smoke and Poke’ Dating Site

“It’s well past time to end the racist and predatory war on drugs. We ...

Ella Guinan 18 Jul 2022

Licensing Update: Control Board Picks Up The Pace, Issuing 30 Licenses

MONTPELIER – Thirty cultivator applications, the highest number to date, were approved for licensure at today’...

Ella Guinan 13 Jul 2022

Trailblazers: Euphoria Cannabis on Creating Momentum, Lifting Up Others and Overcoming Hurdles

This article is part of a regular series, Trailblazers, highlighting entrepreneurs entering the legal cannabis ...

Meg McIntyre 13 Jul 2022
Cannabis in Vermont - What's Legal and What's Not in VT?

Cannabis in Vermont – What’s Legal and What’s Not?

What are the laws around possession, consumption and cultivation of cannabis in Vermont? You’ve ...

Heady Vermont Staff 13 Jul 2022
Photo by Monica Donovan

Where to Find the Best Creemees in Vermont: Six of Our Favorite Spots

Where do you find the best creemees in Vermont? We’ve shared just a handful ...

Heady Vermont Staff 9 Jul 2022

VT Agency of Agriculture: Vermont Hemp Production Plan Will End On December 31

MONTPELIER — The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets (VAAFM) will withdraw its Agricultural Marketing ...

Heady Vermont Staff 7 Jul 2022
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Heady Partners 6 Jul 2022

Licensing Update: Nine New Licenses Awarded, Applications for Manufacturing and Wholesale Now Open

MONTPELIER — Although today’s Vermont Cannabis Control Board meeting didn’t last much more than ...

Ella Guinan 6 Jul 2022

Forget Diet Weed, THCV Is a Rockstar Compound For Other Reasons

While I have been intrigued by the cannabinoid THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) for some time now, I ...

Diana-Ashley Krach 6 Jul 2022

Movies & Munchies: Heady’s Top Streaming Picks for Summer

Looking for something to watch at home? Here are eight of our top streaming picks ...

Heady Vermont Staff 5 Jul 2022

Trailblazers: Red Clover Analytics Prides Itself on ‘A Better Standard’ of Testing

Yearim Plantillas of Red Clover Analytics talks about cannabis analytics and the importance of high ...

Meg McIntyre 5 Jul 2022

Control Board Brings On Agency of Ag’s Cary Giguere as Head of Compliance

The Vermont Cannabis Control Board announced the hiring of Cary Giguere as Compliance Director during ...

Heady Vermont Staff 1 Jul 2022

Licensing Update: Twelve New Licenses Issued, Next Application Window Opens July 1

MONTPELIER — Today’s Vermont Cannabis Control Board meeting kicked off with an exciting announcement – the ...

Ella Guinan 29 Jun 2022

News Roll Up: Eliminating Plastic From the Industry, Curaleaf Targets Unionized Employees, SAFE Banking Act Rejected

Law enforcement control over any kind of medical care is dangerous & counterproductive. If you ...

Ella Guinan 28 Jun 2022

Trailblazers: Brookfield Buds in the Business of Regeneration

This article is part of a regular series, Trailblazers, highlighting entrepreneurs entering the legal cannabis ...

Meg McIntyre 24 Jun 2022
Vermont cannabis strain passenger pigeon

Strain Review: Passenger Pigeon by Clover Hill Cannabis

Strain review of Passenger Pigeon, grown by Clover Hill Cannabis. Strain Review: Passenger Pigeon by ...

Sam 23 Jun 2022

Licensing Update: Thirteen New Licenses Issued, Packaging Waivers and More in Today’s Meeting

MONTPELIER — The Vermont Cannabis Control Board met today to discuss licensing updates and other topics ...

Ella Guinan 22 Jun 2022

Ten Black-Owned Businesses to Support in Vermont

As we continue to recognize and honor the meaning of Juneteenth in the United States, ...

Heady Vermont Staff 19 Jun 2022

In Race to Launch Adult-Use Market, Medical Patients and Caregivers Feel Stuck on Sidelines

As adult-use consumers and businesses gear up for the debut of Vermont’s retail market, ...

Meg McIntyre 16 Jun 2022

Licensing Update: Eight More Licenses Issued by Control Board, Legacy Market and Backlog Addressed

MONTEPLIER — Today, the Vermont Cannabis Control Board met to discuss licensing and provide the public ...

Ella Guinan 15 Jun 2022
How can cannabis consumption, possession and cultivation impact divorce proceedings?

How Cannabis Use Can Impact Divorce Proceedings

Finding an attorney who specializes in both drug policy and family law (in your state) ...

Diana-Ashley Krach 13 Jun 2022
Do-Si-Dos Cannabis Strain, Grown in Vermont

Strain Review: Do-Si-Dos by The Cannaisseur

Strain review of Do-Si-Dos, grown by The Cannaisseur. Strain Review: Do-Si-Dos by The Cannaisseur Next ...

Sam 9 Jun 2022
New cannabis operating licenses Issued by the Vermont Cannabis Control Board the first week of June 2022.

Licensing Update: Control Board Issues Eight New Licenses, Including General Priority Statuses

MONTPELIER — During today’s Vermont Cannabis Control Board meeting, board members approved eight licenses and 20 ...

Ella Guinan 6 Jun 2022

Strain Review: Snowball by Vermont Select

Strain review of Snowball, grown by Vermont Select. Strain Review: Snowball by Vermont Select Next ...

Sam 2 Jun 2022

Strain Review: Glazed Apricot Gelato by Vermont Select

Strain review of Glazed Apricot Gelato, grown by Vermont Select. Strain Review: Glazed Apricot Gelato ...

Sam 24 May 2022

After Heated Debate, VT Lawmakers Send S.188 – With Concentrate Potency Caps – to Gov’s Desk

Editor’s Note: This article includes recent reporting from both VTDigger and Seven Days. MONTPELIER — ...

Heady Vermont Staff 12 May 2022

Cannabis Seeds Considered Legal, May Be Shipped Across U.S., Says DEA

A recent legal clarification by the federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) could mean that the ...

Heady Vermont Staff 9 Apr 2022
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Heady Partners 25 Mar 2022

How to Judge Cannabis Flower Like a Pro

Sure, you’ve been smoking cannabis for years and you enjoy it. But how does ...

Heady Vermont Staff 13 Mar 2022

Vermont Hempicurean Looks to the Future With Brattleboro Expansion, Vermont Bud Barn

BRATTLEBORO —With an eye on Vermont’s nascent legal market, longtime Brattleboro CBD store Vermont ...

Rebecca White 15 Feb 2022

Vermont Has the 5th-Highest Black Homeownership Gap Among All States

Stacker compiled a list of statistics about the Black homeownership gap in Vermont using data ...

Stacker 12 Feb 2022

Terpene Tuesday: Pinene

Pinene, one of the most researched and documented terpenes found in cannabis, is available in ...

Heady Vermont Staff 16 Nov 2021

Terpene Tuesday: Valencene

Valencene is one of the lesser known terpenes found in cannabis, but still provides powerful ...

Heady Vermont Staff 7 Nov 2021
Cannabis Terpenes: What Are They?


Terpenes are the compounds responsible for the way most plants smell. They are abundant in ...

Heady Vermont Staff 4 Nov 2021
entourage effect

Entourage Effect

The entourage effect is a proposed mechanism by which cannabis compounds other than tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) ...

Heady Vermont Staff 1 Oct 2021

How to Make Buds Grow Faster and Harvest Cannabis Earlier Outdoors

Why on earth would you want to speed up the flowering stage? The conventional thinking ...

Homegrown Cannabis Co 24 Sep 2021

Two Vermont Dispensaries Acquired by Canadian Company SLANG in $25 Million Merger

Update: In November of 2021, SLANG Worldwide Inc. published a press release announcing term-loan financing with ...

Monica Donovan 30 Jun 2021

RECIPE: Cannabis Infused Mexican Hot Chocolate

Now that we’re settling into colder temperatures, it’s the perfect time to bust ...

Heady Vermont Staff 5 Dec 2020
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Heady Partners 15 Nov 2020

Recipe: Fresh Green Juice with Cannabis Fan Leaves

After a trim sesh, homegrowers are often left with a pile of fan leaves and ...

Heady Vermont Staff 30 Aug 2020

What is a Budtender?

A budtender is an employee who works at a cannabis retail storefront and represents the ...

Glossary 10 Aug 2020

How to Make the Best-Ever Infused Summer Fruit Popsicles, to Talking Heads’ Popsicle

Infused popsicles are perfect for a mellow weekend afternoon lounging in tubes, backyard hangouts with ...

Monica Donovan 18 Jul 2020

Penalties for Possession, Sale and Cultivation of Cannabis in Vermont

Editor’s Note: The last update to this article was July 30, 2021. Check out our more ...

Heady Vermont Staff 9 Jun 2020
Vermont Select cannabis trimming.

Vermont Select: CBD Hemp Buds at the Peak of Freshness

Derek Mercury, Ryan Podd, and Dan Silver met while teaching snowboarding and skiing at Smugglers ...

Cindy Kleh 21 May 2020

Recipe: Valentine’s Day Rice Krispie Treats

Treat your special person with a special treat this Valentine’s Day! Meredith Mann, master ...

Erin Doble 14 Feb 2020

Terpene Tuesday: Borneol

The terpene borneol, though not found in large amounts in cannabis, nonetheless has an important ...

Erin Doble 31 Dec 2019

Terpene Tuesday: Linalool

Linalool is a special terpene that isn’t specific to cannabis; it can be found ...

Heady Vermont Staff 17 Dec 2019

Terpene Tuesday: Humulene

Similar to terpenes like pinene and myrcene, humulene (hyu-myu-leen) is an element in cannabis fundamental ...

Ella Guinan 3 Dec 2019

Terpene Tuesday: Caryophyllene

The terpene caryophyllene is present in many herbs and spices, including black pepper, basil, and ...

Heady Vermont Staff 12 Nov 2019

Terpene Tuesday: Limonene

Recognizable for its zesty citrus fragrance and unique mood-brightening, energizing effects, limonene is a core ...

Heady Vermont Staff 5 Nov 2019
cannabis terpene myrcene also found in mango

Terpene Tuesday: Myrcene

Myrcene, one of the most abundant terpenes in cannabis, is known for its pleasant pine ...

Heady Vermont Staff 29 Oct 2019
Hands in black gloves trimming buds during cannabis harvest.

Growing Your Own 101: Cannabis Harvest, Drying, Trimming, Curing and Storage

From figuring out when you’re ready for cannabis harvest to trimming ahead to save ...

Heady Vermont Staff 5 Oct 2019
Cannabis Butter Recipe

Classic Cannabutter

Cannabutter is the basis for a world of infused goodies, from pot cookies to weed ...

Heady Vermont Staff 9 May 2019

THCA and THC: What’s the Difference?

THCA, or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, is a cannabis compound that is beginning to demonstrate immense therapeutic ...

Heady Vermont Staff 5 Jan 2019

Ag leaders hanging hopes on hemp

Editor’s Note: Since this piece was published, the U.S. House Of Representatives also ...

Evan Johnson 12 Dec 2018
harvesting cannabis

The Elevated Agriculturalist: Harvesting Cannabis How-To

You’re almost there! The flowers on your plants are starting to change color, and ...

Joe Veldon 5 Oct 2018

The Great Decarb Debate

Learn about decarb and cannabis: Cannabis is a unique plant in a lot of ways. ...

Stephanie Boucher 6 Jun 2018

HIGH ON HISTORY: Harry Anslinger, The Racist Architect of the War on Drugs

If you’ve done some reading on the history of drug policy in the United ...

Heady Vermont Staff 20 Oct 2017