Get Wells Farm, LLC.

TBD Currently living between Marshfield VT and Bellingham MA.

  • Vermont grown





TBD Currently living between Marshfield VT and Bellingham MA.


I (Ian Wells) have been cultivating as an amateur for a good portion of my adult life. My wife who loves and supports me even though I am mostly insane has agreed to join me on the next leg of our lives together. One of the best friends who I would consider a brother is joining us as well. With our powers combined we are setting out to be come a craft cannabis powerhouse! In all serious though it’s something that I am very passionate about and I want to share my love and knowledge with others.

We will be specializing in indoor premium indoor grown flower. We use all LED light technology and maybe someday will get good and confident enough to even expand outdoors! We are going to strive to get solar infrastructure in place in hopes to reduce a good portion of our footprint. We are also into sustainable farming and currently verma-compost with our own worm farm. I am going to be trying to get a composting business running as well and sell bags of the worms and castings to folks who could use them.

Lastly genetics are my passion project, I love finding new things to cross and making fun new things on the other side. We will be focusing on genetic creation and making some stuff that is fast flowering and hardy to match the VT growing season.