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Defiance Electric

86 Chosen Vale Lane, Suite 202
Enfield, NH 03748



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86 Chosen Vale Lane, Suite 202
Enfield, NH 03748


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We are engineers. We are electricians.

And… we love working in cannabis.

Cultivators, manufactures, and retailers have enough to worry about without taking the time to plan out complex electrical systems. We can help.

From simple consultations to fully taking on your project from design to final build. We can apply our expertise to connect all of your devices, utilities, breaker panels, HVAC, grow lights, controls, moisture control, fans, UV sanitation, distillers, point of sales, emergency generators, data/internet and anything else you need to keep your cannabis dreams alive. Don’t entrust your facility to the retired electrician down the street who is giving you a deal on the cheap… we all know how that ends. Give us a call and a chance to set you up with the right electrical infrastructure so you can be set up for success.

Special Priority:

We are currently giving special priority to members of the CBD/THC cannabis industry in Vermont with expedited start times for work and thoughtful solutions to all of your facility’s electrical needs. And if we don’t already have a solution to your problem we will find one, no matter what. We collaborate with architects, mechanical contractors, manufacturers, and other industry professionals to make sure you have everything you need in a facility to cultivate, make, and sell. Call anytime, email or DM.

Defiance Electric LLC is a proud members of Local Union IBEW 300. Fair wages for all.