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North Springfield, VT


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Cannatrol is the creator of the game changing, patented Vaportrol® Technology, which has been employed and proven effective in the artisan cheese and meat aging industries for years. The Cannatrol system gently removes water and continuously maintains vapor pressure thereby, maintaining ideal conditions in the drying and curing space.

Home growers will appreciate the simple to use Cannatrol Cool Cure, that gives the same precision results the biggest growers are using. Dial in the conditions and close the door. The Cool Cure will automatically modulate to take your product from freshly harvested flowers to fully cured buds. Set your cycle time to get the most out of your cure. Water is removed gently, so not to damage your harvest and help retain potency and enhance flavor. No burping, no mold.

Dispensary owners and large-scale commercial growers enjoy pinpoint control of conditions and the option to manage the dry/cure not only by time, but by monitoring actual water weight loss with an integrated scale. Set up to 5 different environmental cycles from dry through cure to fine tune the process.

Cannatrol is The Best Cure for Your Buds.