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New Bucking Machine Designed and Built After 2 Years of Development

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T-800 Bucker Machine


De-stemming (aka bucking) machines are supposed to save you time and money. The problem is, they just don’t work…until now. The design concept for our bucking machine came from years of frustration using buckers on our family farm that simply did not work. Some of the biggest flaws we encountered were:

The bud is destroyed as it’s ripped from the stem
Too much time prepping the product to be able to run it through the machine
Jamming inside the machine
Too much down time to clean the machine
Multiple person operation required
Not transportable
So, we decided to design a bucking machine from the ground up that overcame all these flaws. The result, a purpose-built, easy to clean and highly transportable bucking machine at an affordable price.

Now to make your life easier:

Our patent-pending belt feed system provides a much stronger pull on any size stem preventing misfeeds, jams and resin buildup compared to roller-feed systems.
No pre-processing of product is required to use this machine. Our belt drive system has a larger surface area than a roller fed machine. This means only 1.5” of bare stem is needed in order for the belt drive to grab it.
Multiple size cutting dies are gentler on your product, preventing damage which can occur from flat die plates common on most bucking machine.
Our belt drive system is removable for easy cleaning with minimal down time.
Variable speed control allows for wet and dry processing.
Two-wheel dolly push handles and no-flat tires make it easy to transport.
For a limited time, we are offering Introductory pricing and a 30-day money back guarantee. Ships factory direct from Los Angeles to the continental United States.

Building a better bucker to meet your harvesting needs.

For large and small grow operations.

Buck up.