Vermont Has Finally Passed Tax and Regulate. So What’s Next?

It’s tough making national headlines these days with so much chicanery dominating the news, ...

Heady Vermont Staff 13 Oct 2020

Press Release: Governor Scott Announces Action on Bills

This press release was published by the office of the Governor last evening. MONTPELIER – Governor ...

Heady Vermont Staff 8 Oct 2020

Vermont Governor Allows Tax and Regulate, Expungement Bills To Pass

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated with corrections: The Governor signed S. 234, but ...

Heady Vermont Staff 7 Oct 2020

Deadline Looms for Gov. Scott’s Decision on Cannabis Bills

MONTPELIER — With tomorrow’s deadline looming, Vermont Governor Phil Scott says he’s still not ...

Heady Vermont Staff 6 Oct 2020

Why The Governor Should Sign S. 54 and S. 234

Cannabis is probably the most politicized plant on Planet Earth. It has repeatedly and consistently ...

Monica Donovan 30 Sep 2020
Source: Grassroots Vermont page at Leafly.com

What Does S. 54 Mean For Medical Dispensaries?

Out-of state players make their way into the Vermont medical cannabis industry, as patient numbers ...

Heady Vermont Staff 24 Sep 2020
Vermont State House Legislature, Montpelier, Vermont.

Vermont Senate Approves Bill to Regulate and Tax Cannabis Sales

From our friends at Marijuana Policy Project. MONTPELIER — Today, the Vermont Senate cast a final ...

Heady Vermont Staff 22 Sep 2020

VT Senate Takes Up S. 54–But Will The Governor Sign?

Editorial Update: On Tuesday, September 22, the Vermont Senate cast a final vote (23-6) in favor ...

Heady Vermont Staff 21 Sep 2020

News Roll Up: Vermont House Passes S.54, U.S. MORE Act Vote Delayed 👀

Our federal marijuana laws have achieved nothing for the American people besides generations of incarcerated ...

Heady Vermont Staff 21 Sep 2020

Vermont House Passes Bill to Regulate and Tax Cannabis Sales

S.54 will go to the Senate for a final vote before it hits the Governor’...

Heady Vermont Staff 18 Sep 2020

Vermont Lawmakers Reach Final Agreement on Bill to Legalize and Regulate Cannabis Sales

From our friends at Marijuana Policy Project. MONTPELIER — Late yesterday evening, House and Senate negotiators ...

Heady Vermont Staff 16 Sep 2020

Lessons from Lucy Stone: How the Coalition for Women’s Suffrage Crumbled

I randomly picked up a book out of my friend’s car during a reprieve ...

Monica Donovan 26 Aug 2020

Amid S.54 Negotations, Lawmakers Green Light Automatic Expungement

As Vermont lawmakers continued their efforts yesterday to hammer out a deal on legislation to ...

Heady Vermont Staff 25 Aug 2020

Dave Silberman: Regulating Cannabis, the Vermont Way

After years of false starts, Vermont’s legislature is finally poised to truly legalize and ...

Heady Vermont Staff 24 Aug 2020

News Roll Up: VT Lawmakers Kick Off S.54 Revisions 📢

“Investors are making millions on marijuana in states where it’s legal, while Americans continue ...

Heady Vermont Staff 21 Aug 2020

Lawmakers Debate Seat Belts, Opt Out in First of Three Tax and Reg Committee Meetings

Vermont lawmakers met Wednesday to resume their work on the bill that would create an ...

Heady Vermont Staff 20 Aug 2020
Photo courtesy of Kimberly Lawson.

Vermont Will Advance Tax and Regulate Bill Within Weeks, House Speaker’s Office Says

Reprinted with permission from Marijuana Moment. A bill to legalize cannabis sales in Vermont is ...

Heady Vermont Staff 6 Aug 2020

Vermont Primary Election Heats Up: What You Need To Know

With the coronavirus pandemic raging across the country, a shrinking GDP, and racial and law ...

Heady Vermont Staff 6 Aug 2020

New Economic Report Highlights Potential Tax and Regulate Revenue in Vermont

Analysis suggests that S. 54 will likely generate more revenue than previously anticipated — if  legislators decide ...

Heady Vermont Staff 5 Aug 2020

Regional Legalization Efforts Stall As Legislative Priorities Shift

The coronavirus pandemic has stalled legalization and reform efforts in the short term as state ...

Heady Vermont Staff 15 Jun 2020