Earth Day: Flexing Your Voice For Cannabis And The Planet

In honor of Earth Day, we here at Heady Vermont started thinking about all the ...

Kathryn Blume 22 Apr 2019

Roadside Tests Revisited

Editor’s Note: Like all good April Fools’ jokes, there was some doubt amongst readers ...

Kathryn Blume 1 Apr 2019

Vermont colleges look to bring cannabis into the classroom

As cannabis moves further into the public eye, Vermont colleges are weighing programs that prepare ...

Evan Johnson 28 Mar 2019

Energy utilities make efficiency pitch to growers

It used to be growing cannabis in the privacy of your basement would land you ...

Evan Johnson 21 Mar 2019
Cannabis Legalization Celebration Vermont

Looking Back With Joy, Looking Ahead With Anticipation

2018 was a huge year for Heady Vermont (not to mention cannabis in general). We grew ...

Kathryn Blume 30 Jan 2019

Celebrating MLK Day With Killer Mike

We had a colossal snowstorm over the weekend, coupled with sub-zero temps, and I was ...

Kathryn Blume 21 Jan 2019

Whiskey Dicks Preview

Burlington’s finest flaccid rock group, The Whiskey Dicks, will be concluding their winter tour ...

Rachel Johnson 19 Jan 2019

Eli Harrington On Plan-V TV

Vermont Independent publisher Rob Williams sits down with Heady Vermont co-founder Eli Harrington for a ...

Heady Vermont Staff 18 Jan 2019

Unhidden: Trip To Canada

We’re excited to announce the launch of Unhidden: A Curious Cannabis Podcast. As the ...

Heady Vermont Staff 17 Nov 2018

Artist Profile: Jennifer Sclafani

While artist Jennifer Sclafani isn’t really a Vermonter, Heady Vermont CEO Monica Donovan met ...

Kathryn Blume 31 Oct 2018

Heady Vermont Reader Survey

In an effort to best serve the Heady Vermont community of Readers, Members, and Other ...

Heady Vermont Staff 30 Sep 2018

Editorial: Hemp Fest, Gratitude and the Months Ahead

We’d like to extend a deep and heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined ...

Heady Vermont Staff 18 Sep 2018