A Second Opinion

Cannabis has always occupied a pretty special place in my life. I have always had ...

Ryan Le Blanc 18 Mar 2019

Legalization without Justice? A Call for Expungement of All Cannabis Convictions

It used to be thought that once a person convicted of a crime had served ...

Dave Silberman 10 Jan 2019

Unhidden: Queer, Queued, and Recreational at the Northampton Dispensary

Guest commentator James-Beth Merritt shares their story of purchasing legal cannabis at the NETA dispensary ...

James-Beth Merritt 19 Dec 2018

Governor’s Cannabis Advisory Commission Report a Mixed Bag

Shortly after he vetoed the first-in-the-nation cannabis legalization bill in May 2017, Governor Phil Scott created ...

Dave Silberman 30 Nov 2018

How To Tax Legal Cannabis

Note: This is a re-print of a commentary Dave Silberman wrote for VTDigger January 17, 2017. Dave ...

Dave Silberman 20 Nov 2018

Tyler Colford For State Senate, Windham County

Tyler Colford is running for State Senator in Windham County as a pro-cannabis Republican. He ...

Heady Vermont Staff 31 Oct 2018

Op Ed: Vermont Should Embrace the Gifting Economy

As a sustainability engineer, I have become quite adept at building energy modeling, and was ...

Mark Kelley 2 Oct 2018
Vermont Statehouse Cannabis Regulation and Legalization bill

Harrington: Will Montpelier Pass on Grass for the Rest of 2018?

When Governor Phil Scott signed the legalization bill, he was very direct that he did ...

Eli Harrington 31 Jan 2018
Members of the public listen during the Montpelier Statehouse public hearings on S.241 on Thursday, March 31 2016. by Monica Donovan for Heady Vermont.

Harrington: Legalization Opponents Not Going Down Quietly

No, Gov. Phil Scott hasn’t signed the legalization bill that is sitting on his ...

Eli Harrington 18 Jan 2018

Harrington: Here’s What You Need to Know For Today’s Vermont Legalization Vote

WINOOSKI, Vt. — Last night I hosted our first Heady Livestream of 2018, where I was joined ...

Eli Harrington 4 Jan 2018

Harrington: Legalize to Keep Your Grandparents Out Of Jail

Editor’s Note: To distinguish personal opinions and columns that appear on our website from ...

Eli Harrington 22 Dec 2017

Harrington: “Marijuana X” is the New “Reefer Madness” and it’s Coming to a Town Near You (Disguised as a Documentary)

[Editor’s Note: As a publishing company, Heady Vermont produces objective, engaging, and original news ...

Eli Harrington 19 Dec 2017