Cannabis Infused Smoothie Recipe

Recipe: Cannabis Infused Smoothie With Frozen Fruit

You want to get your fruits and vegetables… but you also want to stay cool ...

Heady Vermont Staff 20 Jul 2022
honey cannabis recipe

Recipe: Cannabis Honey

Like CBD oil, cannabis honey is a simple herbal remedy that you can make at ...

Rebecca Burton 23 Jul 2021

What Concentrates Need To Be Decarbed For Edibles?

Cannabis consumers new to making edibles may or may not know that eating certain cannabis ...

Heady Vermont Staff 17 Jul 2021

Recipe: Cannabis-Infused Bacon

You can find bacon on nearly anything these days. I’ve seen bacon donuts and ...

Rebecca Burton 17 Jun 2021

Recipe: DIY Cannabis-Infused Milk

Ingredients ½ gallon (8 cups) full fat milk ½ ounce of cannabis trim or flower of choice *Note: ...

Rebecca Burton 1 Jun 2021

Recipe: Ganja Gummies

This no-fail guide to CBD or THC cannabis gummies, made with tincture, is the perfect ...

Heady Vermont Staff 12 Dec 2020

RECIPE: Cannabis Infused Mexican Hot Chocolate

Now that we’re settling into colder temperatures, it’s the perfect time to bust ...

Heady Vermont Staff 5 Dec 2020

Recipe: Cannabis-Infused Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is not just a delicious addition at the breakfast table, it’s also ...

Monica Donovan 21 Nov 2020

Recipe: Cozy Infused Pomegranate Mulled Cider

Croptober is one of the best times of year for ingredients. It’s a period ...

Heady Vermont Staff 16 Nov 2020

Recipe: Basic Cannabis Tincture

  What is a cannabis tincture? Cannabis tinctures are alcohol-based cannabis extracts—essentially, cannabis-infused alcohol. ...

Monica Donovan 12 Oct 2020

RECIPE: Infused Challah Bread

There’s plausible evidence that ancient Israelites may have used cannabis. In May 2020, Israeli archeologists ...

Heady Vermont Staff 4 Oct 2020

Recipe: Fresh Green Juice with Cannabis Fan Leaves

After a trim sesh, homegrowers are often left with a pile of fan leaves and ...

Heady Vermont Staff 30 Aug 2020

How to Make the Best-Ever Infused Summer Fruit Popsicles, to Talking Heads’ Popsicle

Infused popsicles are perfect for a mellow weekend afternoon lounging in tubes, backyard hangouts with ...

Monica Donovan 18 Jul 2020

Making Fire Cider with Kathryn Blume

Learn how to make fire cider, which has gained popularity as an immune booster in ...

Erin Doble 3 Apr 2020

Recipe: Cannabis Infused Sugar

We’ve covered lots of basics of cannabis cooking already, such as cannabis infused oil ...

Heady Vermont Staff 7 Nov 2019

Recipe: Cannabis Cooking Oil

Cooking with infused oils can be a wonderful way to get the numerous benefits of ...

Monica Donovan 11 Oct 2019

Classic Pot Cookies

There are a million-and-one ways to make a chocolate chip cookie, and another million ways ...

Heady Vermont Staff 30 May 2019
Cannabis Butter Recipe

Classic Cannabutter

Cannabutter is the basis for a world of infused goodies, from pot cookies to weed ...

Heady Vermont Staff 9 May 2019

Kitchen Experimental: Making Majoun

During my recent search for a good bhang recipe, I stumbled across an interesting tidbit ...

Kathryn Blume 12 Aug 2018

Kitchen Experimental: Making Bhang

Columnist Stephanie Boucher kicked off her last Canna-Kitchen Witchery column with a beautifully evocative description ...

Kathryn Blume 1 Aug 2018