Cannasations w/Kris: Headies Cup with Heady Founder Monica Donovan

Heady Vermont Staff 23 Mar 2023

Heady Vermont Founder and CEO Monica Donovan headed to Kris Brown’s podcast studio to record an episode of Cannasations w/Kris – they talked the upcoming Headies Cup, including an exciting MC announcement, origin story, and more!

Hailing from Virginia, Kris moved here with his wife Andrea after they finished their military service in 2013. Consistently complimented on his deep, rich voice, he started KrisBrownVO in 2020 with the aim of providing professional voiceover services to organizations.

Since then, Kris has worked with the Vermont Department of Marketing and Tourism, and a number of other companies and agencies both in the U.S. and abroad. He launched the Cannasations podcast late last year.

We’ll be sharing new episodes of Cannasations on Heady Vermont – look for new podcast drops periodically and follow on Spotify! Listen to the most recent podcast episode with Monica below and be sure to snag a member or ticketed spot at the upcoming Headies Cup!

Cannasations’ Kris Brown will be MC’ing The Headies Cup Awards Party on Saturday, April 15 2023! More info

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