Terpene Tuesday: Octanol

Ella Guinan 7 Mar 2023

The secondary terpene octanol can be found in mint, tea, hops, lavender, cannabis and more. It has a sweet odor with woody, herbal and earthy hints, making it a commonly used ingredient in perfume and incense.

A naturally occurring fatty alcohol, octanol has 89 possible isomers, the most notable one being 1-Octanol. This terpene, though lesser known in cannabis, offers a number of potential health benefits and is used across a wide variety of edible and non-edible products.

Octanol in everyday life

Octanol is often added to foods to produce a fatty, mushroom-like taste and is also frequently used as an additive in perfume, incense and other aromatic products like essential oils.

This terpene smells sweet, earthy, woody, and citrus-like and reportedly tastes similar to mushrooms. Mint, oats, ginger, lavender, cannabis, hops, frankincense and tea are all known to contain octanol.

Interestingly, the vapor produced by octanol is thicker than air, making it a viable viscosity controller, antifoaming agent and plasticizer (to increase plasticity and flexibility) in industrial applications. 

Strains rich in octanol

Presently, there is a severely limited amount of information on cannabis strains high in octanol. Although it may sound like a lot, scientists have only isolated 200 terpenes in the cannabis plant.

Therapeutic properties

Research shows that octanol increases the anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing effects of pinene and linalool as part of the entourage effect.

Octanol may offer a variety of therapeutic benefits. Studies suggest that just a small dose of octanol helps reduce tremors without harmful side effects. further, one study has shown the important role of octanol in the treatment and management of cystic fibrosis symptoms.

Despite some significant benefits to octanol, its vapors may irritate the eyes, nose and respiratory system.

Cannabis Terpene 1-Octanol

Aroma: citrus-like, sweet, woody

Found in: mint, oats, ginger, lavender, cannabis, hops, frankincense, celery seeds and tea

Vaporizes: 383°F

Strains: No cannabis strains are currently marketed as ‘high in octanol’

Properties: anti-inflammatory, anti-tremor, cell therapy


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