Eight Black-Owned Businesses to Support in Vermont

Church Street in Burlington, Vermont.
Ella Guinan 28 Feb 2023

We’ve put together a list of Black-owned businesses in Vermont that you can support – ranging from food to storytelling to nonprofit organizations and everything in between.

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Vermont Releaf Collective

Vermont Releaf Collective is a statewide collective that works to support and expand Vermont’s network of Black, Indigenous People of Color. ‘Releaf’ stands for racial equity in land, environment, agriculture and food.

In an effort to build community, share opportunities, and amplify Black and Indigenous voices in Vermont, this organization regularly provides free member events, land access opportunities, job trainings, educational resources, grants, internships and more. Visit to learn more about their mission.

Follow Vermont Releaf Collective on Instagram and donate to the group’s initiatives!

Isora Lithgow Creations

Fueled by justice, representation and love, Isora Lithgow Creations brings a unique and creative style of photography to the Green Mountains. Loved by many, Isora Lithgow’s skills behind the lens are widely sought by clients for a wide range of needs. Everything from weddings to branding to graduations, you name it, and Isora can tell your story authentically!

Click here to check out the website.

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Royal Highness Consulting

Owned and operated by Shirelle Grant and Moriah Hackney, Royal Highness Consulting brings a fresh and diverse perspective to the world of consulting in Vermont. Royal Highness supports businesses of all sizes, cannabis, cannabis-adjacent and unrelated to cannabis.

Services offered include event planning, business & management consulting, networking opportunities, branding and image development. Although this company was recently formed, both owners have deep roots in the Vermont cannabis scene and bring with them years of invaluable experience.

Be sure to contact Royal Highness Consulting for guidance on your next business venture!

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Mulu’s Kitchen and Catering

Originally from Eritrea, founder and owner of Mulu’s Kitchen and Catering has been serving the greater Burlington community for years. Since moving to Vermont in 2006, Mulu Tewelde has been able to share her culture through her love of food with her community at-large.

Mulu’s Kitchen provides highly-rated Ethiopian and Eritrean food for all to enjoy. She offers catering, food events and even cooking classes! Sign up for Mulu’s email list to stay up-to-date on various events and catering opportunities.

Visit Mulu’s Kitchen & Catering website and follow them on Instagram!


sasha fierce yoga

In such a tumultuous world, sasha fierce yoga reminds us to breathe in, breathe out, and rest when we need to. Specializing in yin and restorative yoga, Sasha Finnell makes it her goal to remind Black and Brown folks that they too belong, not only in the world of yoga, but in the spaces they occupy every day.

Offerings include community workshops, individual sessions, and group classes. In addition to her personalized offerings, Sasha teaches at Laughing River Yoga as well. Sasha beleives yga should be accessible to all and works with each client to ensure cost is not a burden.

Follow sasha fierce yoga on Instagram and visit her website to schedule your session!


Kalchē Wine Cooperative

Kalchē Wine Cooperative brings a fresh and much-needed perspective to the wine industry. After years of working in an environmentally and culturally oppressive industry, founders Kathline Chery and Justine Belle Lambright had had enough. Kalchē was born out of the founders’ desire to center diversity, sustainability and the declonization of ‘big wine.’

Kalchē offers The Next World of Wine™ as their creative blending of grapes, local fruit, and a variety of fermentation methods sets them apart from most other available wine selections.

Support Kalchē Wine Cooperative by registering for their Wine Club and be sure to follow them on Instagram!


A Taste of Abyssinia

With a whole lifetime of top-tier cooking skills under her belt, Alganesh Michael created A Taste of Abyssinia to share her culture and love of food with her northern Vermont community. A Taste of Abyssinia offers high quality Ethiopian and Eritrean catering and cooking classes.

Not only does she provide full-scale catering, but ‘Friends and Family Dinner‘ is also an option. This serves 4-6 people and should be ordered on Mondays to be picked up on Wednesdays at The Mill Market in South Burlington.

Click here for more info on catering, and be sure to follow A Taste of Abyssinia on Instagram!


Clemmons Family Farm

Clemmons Family Farm is a 148-acre farm dedicated to preserving, empowering and building a loving multicultural community that centers African American/African diaspora history, art, and culture. With only 0.4% of farms under Black ownership in the US, Clemmons Family Farm reminds us that land is equity.

One of 22 landmark cultural and historic sites on Vermont’s African-American Heritage Trail, the farm offers myriad activities including but not limited to cooking classes, school field trips, music/dance/theater programs for kids, book talks, holistic health/healing events, storytelling, art exhibits and multicultural community gatherings.

Click here to learn more about the farm’s events and opportunities.

Support Clemmons Family Farm cultural efforts through donation and be sure to follow them on Instagram!

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