Vermont News Roundup: New Burlington VT Dispensaries Open, Bill Introduced to Lift Potency Limits on Concentrates

Burlington, Vermont, USA at Church Street Marketplace.
Heady Vermont Staff 13 Feb 2023

New VT Dispensaries Open in Burlington

This week, new dispensaries are opening up in Burlington, at Grass Queen and Bern Gallery Dispensary at 135 Main Street.

Check out their Directory listings and upcoming events below!

Bern Gallery: Grand Opening on Tuesday, February 14 at 135 Main Street

Grass Queen: Now Open at 71 S. Union Street – Opened Saturday February 11!

Heady Events | Vermont Dispensaries


There are now five dispensaries open in Burlington, including Bern Gallery, Grass Queen, Green Leaf Central, Green State Dispensary and Ceres Collaborative.


VT Senators Sears, Ram Introduce Bill to Lift Potency Limits on Concentrates

Bill sponsors Sen. Richard Sears and Sen. Kesha Ram Hinsdale introduced S.72, an act relating to lifting the potency limits on concentrated cannabis products, to the Senate Committee on Judiciary on Wednesday, February 8. Look for more news on this as legislation advances.

— Via Vermont General Assembly Website

Holland Cannabis Attorney Breaks Silence in Insurance Journal Interview

Brice Simon, a lawyer representing Holland Cannabis, said his client is fully cooperating with the board and wants to find the source of the contamination, whether it happened before or after the product left the grower.

Holland Cannabis initially had a clean pesticide test for the cannabis, which Chair James Pepper now calls suspicious.

He said the grower had applied for state registration but had not yet been approved. Simon said approval of registrations was backed up and Holland Cannabis was not selling the cannabis unlawfully.

— More from Insurance Journal

ICYMI: CCB Issues Recall for Holland Cannabis Products

Control Board Proposes State-Funded Testing Lab

The chair of the Vermont Cannabis Control Board is recommending that the Legislature fund a state testing laboratory after a batch of cannabis flower contaminated with a fungicide found its way to store shelves last month.

— Via Valley News

SLANG Worldwide Announces Issuance of Additional Consideration in Connection with HiFi Acquisition

SLANG has issued 100 million additional shares to former HiFi stakeholders as post-closing additional consideration, in connection with its acquisition of a Vermont retail cannabis license last September and following “better than anticipated adult-use sales from our Ceres Collaborative Dispensary,” according to recent company press release.

— Via InvestorsObserver

Senate Committee On Agriculture Hears Cultivator Testimony

Several cultivators, including former state senator and licensed cultivator John Rodgers,  presented testimony to the Vermont Senate Committee on Agriculture on Wednesday, February 1. They conveyed to the committee that cannabis cultivation should be considered agriculture, and said that Vermont’s current regulatory and financial requirements are overly burdensome on small growers.

Rodgers presented the committee with a printed-out list of 20 proposed regulatory and statutory changes that include lowering fees, changing the background check requirement and banning credit unions from charging a premium for banking services.

— Via VTDigger

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