Giving the Gift of Cannabis: Etiquette Tips

Monica Donovan 21 Dec 2022

If you’re planning to give the gift of Vermont-grown cannabis this year, it’s a good idea to think carefully about exactly what you’re getting and who you’re getting it for. We’ve put together a few etiquette tips to help you choose the best possible cannabis gift for family and friends!

Looking for specific products? We’ve put together a Heady Holiday Gift Guide that includes fave products from our partners across the state.

Consider Your Audience

Like all good gifts, you should take some time to consider your recipient’s tastes and habits. If you’ve got a friend who never smokes but loves edibles, a fancy vaporizer won’t be right – but delicious gummies might be perfect. Is your cousin really into cooking? An infused butter or maple sugar may impress them. Knowing exactly how your friend or family member likes to consume cannabis will make things easier when you shop.

Learn About The Growers + Makers

There are a multitude of small-tier and micro growers in Vermont, that come from a range of backgrounds and life experiences. For example, if your recipient was in the armed services, snag them some veteran-grown and processed bud. Is your friend super into homesteading? Loves Jerry Garcia or Phish? We’ve got those, too! Take the time to explore the brands on the shelves and what they’re all about – and maybe you’ll end up with a cool story or two to tell while you’re gift-giving this holiday season.

Start Newbies Off Slowly

Newsflash: Someone who is new to edibles might not be the best person to receive a bag of high-dose gummies. Luckily, there are plenty of great low-dose treats to choose from. If they’re still apprehensive about THC, give them a CBD-rich tincture or topical to start. If you’re going for flower, choose a more balanced strain and stay away from high-THC cultivars. Conversely, if your recipient is a pro with a high tolerance, you’ll want something that packs a punch.

Respect Their Smoking Habits

An accessory like rolling papers, a pipe or a grinder can be the perfect gift for someone who loves their flower. But if your friend isn’t great at rolling their own joints, maybe get them a pack of prerolls or gift a grinder and pipe. If you’re unsure, a beautiful jar of Vermont-grown nug never fails to impress.

Sharing is Not Always Caring

A pack of pre-rolls or some potent bud is thoughtful, but don’t assume they’re going to smoke it on the spot. If you want to sesh, bring extra. Buy an additional pre-roll or a disposable vape to share – and let your friend enjoy your generous gift at their own leisure.

We hope you’ve found our cannabis gift etiquette tips helpful! Looking for more? Check out our app and VT Cannabis directory for local Vermont-made brands and retailers.

From ours to yours, wishing you a wonderful (and weed-filled) holiday season! ☃️🌲

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