Licensing Update: Eight Licenses Issued, General Counsel Set to Depart Board

Ella Guinan 7 Dec 2022

MONTPELIER — In departure from last week‘s lengthy reviews, the Vermont Cannabis Control Board kept today’s meeting concise. Absent from the table were Executive Director Brynn Hare and Commissioner Kyle Harris.

Eight new licenses were issued today, including one retailer, five cultivators, one wholesaler, and one manufacturer. To date, 340 licenses have been approved by the Control Board.

The following establishments were approved for licensure today:

  • Cannabis Caboose – Retail (Windsor)
    • DBA De Pot Shop
  • Family Tree LLC – Wholesale
  • Snug Farm LLC – Manufacturer, Tier 1
  • Vermont Medicine Man Botanicals – Mixed Cultivator, Tier 1
  • T.K. House of Green LLC – Mixed Cultivator, Tier 1
  • Cloud 9 THC, LLC – Indoor Cultivator, Tier 1
  • Blue Anchor Enterprise – Outdoor Cultivator, Tier 1
  • Say Good Organics, Inc. – Outdoor Cultivator, Tier 1

Chair of the Board James Pepper began today by announcing the departure of the Board’s General Counsel David Scherr. Scherr was selected by Representative-Elect Becca Balint (D-VT) to serve as State Director in Washington, D.C.

Board members expressed that they were “sad to see him go” but excited for his new role. “On the bright side, the next time you’re staring down the business end of a pre-roll, you won’t have to think to yourself ‘ugh, work’,” Pepper said jokingly.

Legislative Report Updates

The Board has completed its draft of a report on solid concentrates that is set to be submitted to the Legislature. The draft has been sent to the Board’s advisory committee for consideration and comment. Before submitting this report to the Legislature,, the Board will hold an open meeting to discuss the contents of this report.

In January, the Board is responsible for submitting another report to the Legislature. This one will cover the Board’s approach to regulating hemp and hemp-derived products. Pepper shared that the Board has already completed a preliminary draft of this report and that it will also not be submitted until after the Board holds an open meeting to discuss its contents.

Staff Recommendations


Adult-Use License Applications as of 12/5/22

Staff Recommendations for a Cannabis Establishment License

Location of Retail Licensees and Applicants in the Queue as of 12/6/22












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