Strain Review: Peanut Butter Runtz by Legacy Vermont Cannabis

Liz Wiley 28 Nov 2022

Peanut Butter Runtz (PbtRtz) is a rather new strain hitting the craft cannabis market. Sought out for its dynamic flavors of spicy, nutty, fruity sweetness, PbtRtz has been on my toker wish list and it was a pleasure to spend some time with this strain. It’s hard not to geek out over this high-quality bud, so I’m showing a little extra love with a longer review. 

Strain Review: Peanut Butter Runtz

The sample I am reviewing was grown by Legacy Vermont Cannabis, a tier one mixed cultivator out of Eden Mills, Vermont. It was gifted still on the stock full of elongated clusters of flower, typical for a Runtz strain. Bushy cola with dark green sugar leaves that turn a deep purple in just the right lighting. Clever, orange stigmas extended almost in excitement – terpy, and sticky! 

I took a few sessions with PbtRtz because, as I expected, this strain is so complex – it felt like smoking a different strain with each mode of consumption. The first session was with a dry herb vaporizer at 375 degrees fahrenheit. The second session was a rolled joint using raw unfiltered pre-rolled cones. 


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It should be noted that what makes this strain truly special is its terpene profile. During the first session I could have sworn there were notes of Geraniol, as a very primal floral scent off-gassed when I started to break the stalk apart from the flower. 

Pbt’s lineage is packed with OG Kush Breath- notoriously Terpinolene-dominant. 

Most floral aroma in cannabis Is due to the terpenes Linalool and Geraniol. Geraniol is much more common and will often become a dominant terpene. The first inhale tasted reminiscent of rose or some other springtime bloom – I realized quickly that it wasn’t a rose I was experiencing, it was lilac! 

Terpinolene is a rare terpene showing dominance in about one in ten cannabis strains. It’s often mistaken for Linalool as they both produce a floral fragrance. Terpinolene and Linalool are similar in many ways (Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal for example), and they both generally go undetected – playing backup or even tertiary roles in the Entourage Effect. Both terpenes do a great job of complementing more dominant terpenes like Limonene, Myrcene and Caryophyllene, while allowing us to still benefit from their health properties. 

Heating this strain at the lowest setting of 375 degrees fahrenheit allowed me to taste the citrus and berry notes of  limonene and linalool so common in the Runtz strain.

You might be saying, “but how do you know it’s Terpinolene if it’s so rare?” and that’s a great question to be asking! Besides the strong lilac and oregano scent, Peanut Butter Runtz is a cross of Peanut Butter Breath (Pbt) and Runtz (Rtz), and Pbt’s lineage is packed with OG Kush Breath – notoriously Terpinolene-dominant. 

Dry herb vaping has many benefits – the biggest being the control you gain over the temperature at which you are heating the flower. Heating this strain at the lowest setting of 375 degrees fahrenheit allowed me to taste the citrus and berry notes of  limonene and linalool so common in the Runtz strain. The terpinolene was still there, nutty and buttery in the background, but the aftertaste pulled sweet like candy. 

This is a great strain for anyone needing to get to sleep and stay asleep.

My pre-roll burned the flower off at a higher temperature, closer to terpinolene’s preferred 428 degrees fahrenheit. Here, notes of cumin provided a stronger, sensual taste – pine and smokey like a sweet whiskey. 

Both Peanut Butter Breath and Runtz are defined as being a 50/50 hybrid but Peanut Butter Runtz is very indica leaning. I was heavily sedated both sessions. First, relaxation with tingles and hunger. After about an hour my eyelids were leaden and it was getting harder and harder to fight the sleepiness. I found myself trying to stay awake but alas – I happily gave into the heaviness. 

This is a great strain for anyone needing to get to sleep and stay asleep. It’s also a great option if you’re fighting infection and want that added anti-fungal/bacterial aid or prevention. If you’re wanting to de-stress or numb from depression and anxiety – this is a perfect match for you.

Legacy Vermont Cannabis is mixing it up, growing intriguing strains with dynamic terpenes, dynamic effects, and dynamic lineage. Peanut Butter Runtz – truly craft-cannabis at work! I’m excited to see what these Legacy growers come out with next.

— Review by Liz Wiley @lizwileyinsta

Strain Info: Peanut Butter Runtz

Grown by Legacy Vermont Cannabis

Bred by Runtz Official

  • (peanut butter breath x runtz)
  • Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Humulene, Limonene, Terpinolene
  • Family: 50/50, but leans Indica
  • Flavors: Nutty, Earthy, Floral, Fruity, Creamy
  • Effects: Uplifting, Euphoric, Relaxed, Sleepy
  • Helps with: Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety

peanut butter runtz strain review

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