Licensing Update: 5 Retail, 1 Integrated License Among 14 Approved by Board Today

Monica Donovan 16 Nov 2022

MONTPELIER — The Vermont Cannabis Control Board issued 14 new licenses this afternoon, including five retailers and the second integrated license in the state going to Vermont Patients Alliance in Montpelier. Board Member Kyle Harris also presented updated packaging guidance for licensees.

The following establishments became officially licensed today:

  • Firetower Cannabis, Indoor Cultivator Tier 1
  • Monarch Cultivation, Indoor Cultivator Tier 1
  • Green Goddess Goodies, Mixed Cultivator Tier 1
  • Vermontourage Apothecary, Manufacturer Tier 2
  • Papa’s Garden, Mixed Cultivator Tier 1 
  • Trichome Ranch, Manufacturer Tier 2
  • Four Clover Corp, Mixed Cultivator Tier 2
  • Green Mountain Scientific Corp., Manufacturer Tier 3
  • Vermont Patients Alliance, Integrated, Middlesex (Montpelier?)
  • Northeast Kannabis, Retailer, St. Johnsbury
  • Ratu’s Cannabis Supply, Retailer, Wilmington
  • Pine Grove Organics, Retailer, Brandon
  • T.T.G, Retailer, Fair Haven
  • Valley Meade Dispensary, Retailer, Waitsfield

Location of Retail Licensees and Applicants in the Queue as of 11/15/2022:

See licenses approved and announcements made in last week’s Nov. 9 meeting.

Banking, Taxes and Politeness

Chair of the Board James Pepper began today’s with some minor announcements around tax guidance, bank accounts and a plea not to “verbally abuse” the licensing team – not the first such request made during a board meeting.

Licensees are encouraged to review the Department of Tax and Control Board  Tax Guidance online. It includes step by step instructions on how to collect, itemize and remit all necessary taxes, including excise tax, sales tax, local option tax (if applicable), and the tobacco products tax.

The Department of Taxes does not accept cash payments for remittance and taxes must be collected and paid on time. “There is no excuse for not properly collecting taxes for your business,” said Pepper. Licensees can call the tax department directly at (802) 828-2551.

Retailers must have a bank account. Moving forward, the Board will not be accepting a cash management plan as an alternative to a bank account for retailers. Several banking options are now available in Vermont – check out the Control Board’s site for recommendations. “It’s not as challenging as you might think to get a bank account for cannabis businesses,” said Pepper.

The final housekeeping note was a direct request from Pepper not to verbally abuse or harass the licensing staff.

“Do not take out your frustrations on our licensing team,” said Pepper. He noted that delays were to be expected, and that the staff has “moved mountains to get us where we are today.” Calling the backlog predictable, he said that it should be expected.

Pepper invited anyone to get in touch with him directly with any issues.

Upcoming Events and Holiday Dates

The Board will be bringing back networking events for deeper dives into issues that they feel more attention, like insurance requirements, license renewals and more. Stay tuned for more info on this in coming weeks.

There will be no regular board meeting next week, however there will be a Live remote Q+A session on inventory and product registration on the evening of Monday, November 21.

Packaging Guidance

Board Member Kyle Harris shared packaging guidance during the meeting, which covers general rules around packaging, definitions, what information needs to be where and how to submit waiver requests. Packaging Guidance can be found on the Control Board’s website.

Staff Recommendations

Adult License Applications as of 11/15/2022

Other Meeting Item(s):

  • A quick reminder that there is no regular Board meeting next week but there will be a Q+A session.
  • The Board has two new positions available on the VT Human Resources website.
  • November 21 @ 7pm: Live remote Q+A session on testing, inventory tracking, and product registration. Link to join will be available on the Board’s website.

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