VTCNA Offers State-Certified Training For Cannabis Professionals and Budtenders

Heady Vermont Staff 17 Oct 2022

The Vermont Cannabis Nurses Association, in collaboration with Clean Green, is offering a live, full day cannabis professional and budtender training course that is approved by the state of Vermont, which requires vendor training for all employees of cannabis establishments.

The program will prepare current and potential cannabis industry employees with a strong background in cannabis science, cultivation, history, and medicine, while also providing necessary cannabis quality assessment protocols, retail sales techniques and consumer support methods.

Whether you are planning to be a budtender, working in manufacturing and cultivation, or in any other area of the cannabis industry, this is a class you don’t want to miss!

Training participants will also have access to continuing education webinars that will serve to deepen their knowledge base and keep them abreast of the latest developments in cannabis science and medicine.

“With the cannabis market opening up soon, we want to make sure employees at Vermont’s adult use dispensaries are genuine cannabis professionals who can educate and support their customers,” said Jessilyn Dolan, founder of the Vermont Cannabis Nurses Association.

Dolan is a cannabis nurse, educator and researcher. She is also Director or American Nurses Association and the first-ever certified nurse Ganjier – the cannabis version of a sommelier.

“Whether folks feel they are partaking recreationally or medicinally, we want to make sure they get exactly the right cannabis experience for their specific needs,” Dolan said. “We also want to show patients they can come to and trust adult use retail staff and their education, more than the medical dispensaries themselves.”

In addition to being state-approved, the Cannabis Professional and Budtender Training Class is Clean Green Certified. Clean Green is an international cannabis certification company with a nearly 20-year track record in helping growers and processors bring the cleanest, highest quality cannabis and cannabis products to market.

“I work with cannabis professionals all over the world,” says Clean Green founder Chris Van Hook. “I’ve never met people more committed to quality cannabis and community education. When someone shows up for a job interview at a dispensary saying they’ve been trained here, I know that potential employers will be excited about who’s walked in the door.”

Visit or email Jessilyn at [email protected] for more info and be a part of raising the bar on cannabis education in Vermont!

Vermont Budtender Training Cannabis Vendor Approved

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