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Efficiency Vermont Incentives for Cannabis Cultivators

Heady Partners 27 Jul 2022

Efficiency Vermont LogoIndoor cannabis cultivation is one of the most energy intensive industries. Efficiency Vermont can work with you to model whole building energy simulations and design for efficiency.

Efficiency Vermont has a number of incentives for commercial cannabis cultivators, along with a social equity bonus for those that have been qualified as social equity applicants by the Vermont Cannabis Control Board.

Efficiency Vermont is offering additional incentives based on tier size with the goal of keeping smaller grows competitive and sustainable.

Social Equity applicants will receive an additional percent of the original incentive offered.  No extra paperwork necessary.

So, if a tier 1 customer is offered $30,000 in incentives and they are identified as a social equity applicant, they will receive an additional $6,000.

Check out the full PDF below for information about how to take advantage of Efficiency Vermont inventives:

Canopy Size -sq ft Additional % $ Cap
1,000 (Tier 1) 20 $15,000
1,001 – 2500 (Tier 2) 15 $10,000
2501 + (Tier 3+) 10 $5,000

EVT-2022-Indoor-Grow-Sell-Sheet-FINAL – Download PDF

About Efficiency Vermont

Efficiency Vermont is helping our state transition to a more affordable and cleaner future. We work with partners throughout Vermont to save customers money, strengthen our state’s economy, and lower carbon emissions.

More about Efficiency Vermont.

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