Trailblazers: Euphoria Cannabis on Creating Momentum, Lifting Up Others and Overcoming Hurdles

Meg McIntyre 13 Jul 2022

This article is part of a regular series, Trailblazers, highlighting entrepreneurs entering the legal cannabis space.

Tiffany Johnson, Euphoria Cannabis

Tiffany Johnson’s dream for Euphoria Cannabis Products is simple: A retail and cultivation outfit created by Black women, offering only the highest-quality cannabis flower and pre-rolls.

“I know that it’s bigger than me, is the biggest thing.”

Johnson envisions a black-owned female retail space in Chittenden County. Her biggest hurdle has been finding a space. Courtesy Photo.

“I just had a vision of a Black, female-owned retail space in Chittenden County,” Johnson said. “Because I felt, even if there were others, the chance of it being a solely 100% Black owned, Black female-owned retail space was very slim.”

Johnson said she’s most excited to see how the new legal market transforms Vermont’s culture, as it has in other states that were early to legalize, such as Colorado and California. Her hope is that the momentum will have ripple effects throughout other industries. 

“I had a vision of a Black, female-owned retail space in Chittenden County.”

“That will bring new energy and an influx of community, new revenue, new festivals, ideas,” Johnson said. “I think it’ll open up minds and some energy in the state, and I’m really looking forward to that.”

Euphoria Cannabis Products was approved for a cultivation license by the Vermont Cannabis Control Board last week.

One of Johnson’s biggest hurdles has been finding a property to lease after several potential locations fell through. But she now has a lead on a space that would be perfect for her company, and it also has plenty of real estate for Johnson to help other cannabis entrepreneurs get their start. 

Lifting up others — and especially other women of color — is a top priority. 

“Why wouldn’t I want to support that kind of industry and give people a chance to build something and do something for themselves within this industry?” Johnson said. “I know that it’s bigger than me, is the biggest thing.”


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