Licensing Update: Nine New Licenses Awarded, Applications for Manufacturing and Wholesale Now Open

Ella Guinan 6 Jul 2022

MONTPELIER — Although today’s Vermont Cannabis Control Board meeting didn’t last much more than half an hour, the Board discussed several areas of importance.

Chair James Pepper began the meeting by sharing the exciting announcement that review of all Tier 1 Outdoor Cultivator applications has been completed. Applications for all outdoor cultivators across all tiers have been reviewed.

“This is a major achievement…I have no business taking credit for it. It has really been just the incredible determination of our licensing team.” — Chair James Pepper

Nine cultivator licenses were awarded in today’s meeting:

  • Rebel East VT LLC (Tier 5 Mixed Cultivator)
  • Rising Sun Sensi LLC (Small Outdoor Cultivator Tier 1)
  • 7enith Farm LLC (Small Tier 1 Outdoor Cultivator)
  • VVS Labs LLC (Small Tier 1 Indoor Cultivator)
  • OK Organix LLC (Small Tier 1 Outdoor Cultivator)
  • Cloudy Day Farm LLC (Small Tier 1 Outdoor Cultivator)
  • Lovely Cannabis LLC (Small Tier 1 Outdoor Cultivator)
  • Euphoria Cannabis Products LLC (Tier 2 Indoor Cultivator)
  • Herbetology (Small Tier 1 Indoor Cultivator)


“Outdoor, sun-grown cannabis is going to be a major part of this market and really what makes the Vermont market unique.” — Chair James Pepper

Incomplete Applications

Pepper also went on to remind applicants to check their inboxes for the alert that they may have an incomplete application. As of today, the Board will finish reviewing and awarding the remaining licenses. However, if an application is incomplete, it is up to the applicant to fill in any blanks. The position in line of an incomplete application will not be jeopardized.

As a reminder, if applications are incomplete due to banking issues, the Board is willing to figure out a cash option for licensees.


As the Vermont Legislature wrote into law, every cannabis business is required to have Commercial General Liability Insurance. “We know that this is a hardship, we know this better than the legislators that wrote this into law, but it is there and we can’t ignore it,” Pepper said.

Keep in mind, while the Board may have the ability to waive a portion of this requirement for some, there is no option to waive it in its entirety. The Board recommends to applicants seeking waivers not to presume their risk be zero, as this is an impossibility with most businesses.

Mixed Tier Cultivators

Mixed Tier Cultivators are the next top priority for the Board. With 50 still pending, Pepper voiced confidence in the fact that this number is “not insurmountable.” He suggested that this process will be expedited so long as applicants are able and willing to work efficiently with the requests of the Board.

New License Application Window

Applications for Manufacturing and Wholesale Licenses at all tiers are currently live. These can be found under the “License Application Portal” link at

Other Meeting Items:

  • Prequalification applications have been winding own since the close of the window. Only one remaining requires approval.
  • There were 5 Social Equity Licenses approved this week and no requests for denial.

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