News Roll Up: Germany Prepares to Legalize Weed, 3 New Cannabis Compounds Discovered, Cannabis + LGBTQ+ 🌈

Ella Guinan 13 Jun 2022

“Arguably, neither [cannabis legalization or the LGBTQ+ community] would exist as they do today if not for the other.”

       — Tyme Ferris, Pantheon Collective founder and CEO

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Licensing Update: Control Board Approves 8 New Licenses, Including General Priority Statuses

Strain Review: Do-Si-Dos by The Cannaisseur

How Cannabis Can Impact Divorce Proceedings

How can cannabis consumption, possession and cultivation impact divorce proceedings?
How can cannabis consumption, possession and cultivation impact divorce proceedings?

What’s in your weed? The label doesn’t tell you much, study suggests

Governor Phil Scott Signs S.188 into Law – What Does it Mean for VT Cannabis Industry? 

Bia Diagnostics Becomes First Lab in Vermont to Receive Adult-Use Cannabis Testing License

First Ever VT Cannabis Week to Highlight Small, Independent Growers + Retailers October 1-8


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#Vermont Licensing and Opt-In:

Vermont Cannabis Control Board Approves Eight More Licenses

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Changes Made to Allowable Amount of Yeast and Mold for Medical Cannabis in CT



Treasurer of Massachusetts that Her Office is Accepting Applications to Serve as Chair of the Cannabis Control Commission

New Hampshire

NH Governor Indicates He Would Be ‘OK’ With Legalizing Cannabis, ‘If Only’ State Lawmakers Would Send a Bill to His Desk

New York

NY medical marijuana patient describes poor quality and service in state program

Rhode Island

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A Growing Industry Navigates Conflicting State and Federal

Sanders Says Stop Busting People for Marijuana and Start ‘Prosecuting Crooks on Wall Street’


The US Conference of Mayors Met and Adopted a Resolution Asking Congress to Safeguard Banks Engaged With State-Legal Cannabis Businesses 


Reports Show Cannabis Tourism Industry Valued at $17 billion

CBD & Hemp

Topical Application of CBD Ointment Eliminated Cancerous Lesion of 64-year-old Woman With History of Squamous Cell Carcinomas: Case Study

Consumption & Culture

Connection Between Cannabis Legalization and the Fight for LGBTQ+ Rights

Hypocrisy, Prevarication, and Outright Lies


Labor & Unions

Law Enforcement

Legalization & Politics

Louisiana Lawmakers Advance Several Cannabis Reform Measure to Governor’s Desk

Media & Advertising

Vermont Cannabis Control Board Discusses How Businesses Must Avoid Appealing to Minors and the Intersection Between Business’ Names and Advertising

Medical Cannabis


Social Equity

As New York’s Adult-Use Market Continues to Unfold, Social Equity Plans Lack Progress 


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Studies and Surveys

New Cannabis Compounds Discovered: THC-O, HHC, THC-P


‘Supernova Women’ Rally in Sacramento to Protest High Cannabis Tax



Germany moves ahead with plan to legalize cannabis sales

Amid War, Ukrainian Officials Set Out to Legalize Medical Cannabis 

Thailand makes marijuana legal, but smoking discouraged

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