Trailblazers: LB Farm LLC Focuses on Sustainable Microfarming

Meg McIntyre 25 May 2022

This article is part of a regular series, Trailblazers, highlighting entrepreneurs entering the legal cannabis space. 

Miguel Lopez, LB Farm LLC

One of these small producers is LB Farm LLC, a CBD hemp cultivation company in Enosburg Falls. Owner Miguel Lopez was inspired to open his business after witnessing the relief cannabis brought his late mother as she underwent cancer treatment. 

“My dream is to just wake up and roll out of bed into the garden.”

Founder Miguel Lopez, pictured here, maintains an overarching philosophy that LB Farm’s cannabis flower will never be mass-produced. Courtesy Photo

“What really pushed me to it is seeing the effect that it had on my mom,” Lopez said. “So I wanted to be able to produce a product that was of high quality and that could really have a huge impact on people that were going through what she did.” 

Everything grown on LB Farm’s microplot is nurtured through the cultivation process primarily by Lopez himself. He uses organic agricultural practices that are free from pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, and hopes to one day obtain an official organic certification. Lopez’s overarching philosophy is that LB Farm’s cannabis flower will never be mass-produced. 

As he moves toward receiving a THC license, Lopez’s plan is to continue growing craft-quality products on his sustainable microfarm, where he also raises cows and chickens. And eventually, he hopes to be counted among the best flower producers in the state.

“My dream is to just wake up and roll out of bed into the garden,” Lopez said. 

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