Strain Review: Pig Pen by Off Piste Farm

Sam 2 May 2022

Strain review of Pig Pen, grown by Off Piste Farm and bred by Sherpa Seeds. This beautifully grown bud won Third Place in the 2022 Headies Cup Outdoor category.

Strain Review: Pig Pen by Off Piste Farm

This delicious outdoor-grown indica-leaning strain has a sweet, earthy smell prior to the grind. Off Piste trims their flower in a way that really accentuates the unique beauty of each individual nugget, while not wasting smokable product with overtrimming.

Visually, the Pig Pen offers a variation of greens, spanning from pale yellows and light greens to the deep dark green hues of the flower. Dark burnt orange and light trichomes contrast to create a light, sugary glow.

After being put through the grinder, the aroma of sweetness is magnified. This is a dense and gluey strain that coats the grinder. Owing to its sticky nature, Pig Pen does not offer a lot in regards to keef collection.

Because of Pig Pen’s density, a little bit goes a long way. Upon being lit, the smoke is a clean, thick, white color that quickly builds to yellow. I get a well balanced, earthy taste off the rip that I immediately feel in my nose, quickly followed by my eyes.

You won’t need too many hits to get a quick, heavy, long-lasting high, approximately 3.5 to 4 hours. This bud is very heady, strong and quick acting. It’s sweet but earthy tasting, stinky, sticky and potent.

— Review by @cannaladysmokethebis

Strain Info: Pig Pen

Grown by Off Piste Farm

Bred by Sherpa Seeds

  • (OG kush x gmoXogkb Bx)
Off Piste Farm

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