The Roll Up is Back: Senate Candidate Smokes Blunt in Campaign Ad, Wu-Tang Comes to Zenbarn, New MMJ Advocacy Group

Heady Vermont Staff 28 Jan 2022

“Even when drugs have been reimagined, such as within medicinal cannabis use, some still choose to not engage in its use at all… because of the social stigma embedded in the messaging of substance use. This will not change until our relationship to substance use is fundamentally transformed.”
Kiah Morris, House Judiciary testimony on H.644

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What Will Local Control Look Like in Vermont?

Control Board Tackles Accessibility for Small Cultivators, Peer to Peer Networking

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👉🏼 Vermont Cannabis Solutions Networking Wednesday February 2
👉🏼 CCB Peer-to-Peer Networking Session Thursday February 3 (Topic: Business Plans)
👉🏼 Wu-Tang members help launch cannabis industry at Zenbarn Friday February 4

 ⭐ NEW: Green Mountain Patients Alliance launches with focus on MMJ advocacy


Other Vermont news:





New Hampshire

New York

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Gary Chambers Jr. smokes cannabis in new ad for U.S. Senate seat

Mississippi passes medical marijuana bill, heads to governor

From bike gangs to SWAT raids: How Lynnette Shaw became “godmother of legal cannabis”

JD Supra: Cannabis Legislation Wrap Up for 2021 – High Level List of All Congressional Bills

After One Year As President, Biden’s Marijuana Promises Remain Unfulfilled

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Acquisitions & Mergers



Marijuana Banking Is Moving Forward Despite Federal Uncertainty


Akerna Releases 2021 Cannabis Report Highlighting Growth In Industry

CBD & Hemp

How is the global supply-chain crunch playing out in hemp?


Ask a Stoner: I Still Can’t Smell After COVID. How Do I Judge Weed?


Consumption & Culture

Food & Beverage

Health and Wellness

Weed’s Last Taboo: Pregnancy

Hypocrisy, Prevarication, and Outright Lies

Law Enforcement


Lots of states could legalize cannabis & psychedelics in 2022

Outlook dim for US marijuana legalization in 2022, but banking reform alive



Forget Shrooms, Is Toad Venom the New Hallucinogenic Drug for the Rich and Famous?

Social Equity

Legalization Nation: Protecting social equity programs


Studies and Surveys

It’s Now Possible to Quantify a Cannabis “High”

How the Cannabis Industry Can Solve the Schedule-1 Drug Research Barrier Problem Weed Currently Faces


Why 2022 Will Be a Defining Year for Female Leadership in Cannabis


Thailand first in Asia to move to decriminalize marijuana

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