Vermont S.185: Miscellaneous Cannabis Bill Summary

Heady Vermont Staff 7 Jan 2022

Vermont S.185: An act relating to miscellaneous cannabis establishment procedures

S.185 was introduced for the first time on January 4, 2022 by Senator Sears and then referred to the Committee on Judiciary.

This bill proposes:

  • to amend the list  of prohibited products;
  • to allow cannabidiol derived from hemp to be added to cannabis products;
  • to exempt solid concentrates, oils, and tinctures from the 50 mg THC limit per package;
  • to decouple employee cannabis identification cards from a particular licensee so that a person who has completed a background check and is approved by the Board may work for any licensee without obtaining a new card;
  • to permit an applicant to hold more than one testing laboratory license;
  • to cross-reference the requirement that all licensees, including integrated licensees, must obtain independent testing of their products;
  • to prohibit dispensaries from manufacturing concentrated cannabis by chemical extraction or chemical synthesis using butane or hexane;
  • and to limit the time period that dispensaries may cultivate cannabis for the purpose of transferring it to an integrated licensee.

Summary of Vermont S.185 as introduced.

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