Calling All Veterans: Fourth Annual Veterans Day Cannabis Giveaway November 21

Veterans Day Cannabis Giveaway
Heady Vermont Staff 11 Nov 2021

BURLINGTON, Vermont — Continuing our annual tradition of both gratitude for service and healing of the physical and mental trauma of war, Heady Vermont will be hosting its fourth annual Veterans Day Cannabis Giveaway this year. 

Due to the Schedule 1 status of cannabis, health providers with Veteran Affairs (VA) cannot prescribe medical cannabis to patients. The VA’s website refers to cannabis use among veterans as “an issue of growing concern,” saying that “research to date does not support cannabis as an effective PTSD treatment.”

Given the barriers that federal illegality presents to cannabis research, there is limited research on the efficacy of cannabis as a treatment for many conditions suffered by veterans. That which does exist suggests that cannabis can effectively be used in treating conditions like chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which affects up to 20 percent of veterans who served in operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.  

In addition to giving veterans access to flower and products, the Giveaway serves as a safe space where veterans can learn and network. This is even more crucial during pandemic times, when anxiety is high, mental health is strained and isolation is common – all high risk factors for veterans. To assist our vets in maintaining those crucial interpersonal connections, Heady is offering free memberships to former service members until the day of the giveaway.

On Sunday, November 21, from 3-6pm, veterans ( 21+) are welcome to come to Heady Vermont offices and pick up free flower, edibles, concentrates, or whatever we happen to have on hand at the moment! Available until supplies run out.

Heady Vermont is seeking donations of cannabis products from growers or makers with extra to share. People may drop off donations at Heady offices in Burlington. We will be accepting THC and CBD donations. Donors please make note of dropoff times. 21+ only event.

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