Vermont CCB: Small Cannabis Growers Should Be Allowed To Sell Products On-Farm

Local farmer sells strawberries at the Heady Vermont July 1 Legalization Celebration in 2018. By Shawn Cimonetti for Heady Vermont
Heady Vermont Staff 7 Nov 2021

Vermont’s Cannabis Control Board believes that small cannabis growers in the state can be part of wider agri-tourism industry. Via NPR News:

The board estimates that tourists will initially account for a majority of cannabis sales when the retail market opens in Vermont next fall.

Under the current proposal, growers could apply to get a license to sell their products at their farms, much in the way some farmers sell home-grown vegetables.

Board member Kyle Harris thinks there’s a lot of potential in this approach:

“This will help promote aspects of agri-tourism,” Harris said. “It’s important for us to let visitors come under the right set of circumstances.”

Next, the Cannabis Control Board’s report will be reviewed by the Legislature in January.

— Bob Kinzel

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