LISTEN: Songs from the Stash

Heady Vermont Staff 26 Sep 2020

Longtime subscribers of our weekly newsletter, The Stash, will know that we include song lyrics at the top of every email message. Sometimes they’re about cannabis, sometimes they’re in keeping with the mood of the state or the country,  sometimes they’re a little snarky, and other times they’re just songs we like from musicians we love.

For your listening pleasure, we’ve put together a playlist of every song we’ve ever featured in the Stash – this means hours and hours of an eclectic mix of our favorite tunes. This playlist will be updated weekly with our new song picks. Be sure to follow us on YouTube so that you get a heads up on our latest videos!

Have an idea for a song you’d like to see featured in the Stash? Let us know! Plus, we love hearing new music.

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