Eight Free Cannabis Cultivation Videos to Inspire Your Outdoor Grow

Heady Vermont Staff 9 Jul 2020

Your plants have been soaking up the summer sun for some weeks now – and there’s a mountain of free information on the internet for how to best go about your outdoor cannabis grow. To make things easier, we’ve pulled together tips and tricks from a few of our favorite growers on YouTube and presented them here for your convenience. Enjoy these cannabis cultivation videos – May your plants be healthy and your buds be bountiful!

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8 Videos on Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation

1. How To Germinate Seeds Fast | 3 Simple Steps by Greengenes Garden

This video is a little on the longer side considering the topic of its content. But it explains everything well, and if you watch till the end, you’ll definitely walk away being able to germinate cannabis seeds. Plus, these folks peppered this video with impressively detailed macro photos of sprouting seeds. The quality and seedling pics alone make this video worth the watch.

Learn more about germinating cannabis seeds in one of our many in-depth articles.

2. Outdoor Home Grow Ep 1 – How To Grow Cannabis Outdoors by Blue Sky Organics on the Cannabis Learning Network

Learn how to plan a personal outdoor cannabis home grow in this first episode of Blue Sky Organics Outdoor Series with host Mark Zealand. The video covers how to choose a strain best suited for your region’s climate. How to germinate your plants. The difference between Auto flowering plants and photoperiod plants. How to choose an area that receives as much sun as possible throughout your plant’s life. How to choose the proper pot size for 3 months and larger if it’s growing all summer.

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3. Backyard Cannabis Growing Tips: Dan Grace / Green Flower

It’s like having two cannabis cultivation experts right in your own garden, because, well, it is!

In this intensive hands-on session, Derek Gilman goes on location with Dark Heart Nursery’s Dan Grace to visit a home backyard cannabis grow and demonstrate tips, tricks and techniques about when to plant, where to plant, how to water and feed, container selection, what to prune and how much, cataloging and more.

Want more cultivation tips? Learn about outdoor growing, pruning, lighting, fertilizing and more!

4. Cannabis Trimming, Training & Pruning: Kyle Kushman on Green Flower

Award-winning cultivator and breeder Kyle Kushman gives a hands-on demonstration of pro-tips, tricks and techniques for cropping, trimming and pruning your cannabis, at crucial stages in the growing cycle, in this excerpt from Green Flower’s Cultivation Certificate Program.

5. Cannabis Cultivation: Organic Fertilizer, Mulch and Water by Jorge Cervantes

Fourth of July Jorge’s cannabis garden is growing strong! Learn how to prune branches from cannabis plants – Green Crack, Blue Dream, Sugaree, Sour Diesel, Ghost OG, Royal OG.

Apply chicken manure fertilizer to the cannabis garden soil. Brush away mulch to expose organic soil. Add chicken manure and spread evenly over organic soil. cover with mulch. This will help diminish the fragrance of manure.  Water cannabis garden heavily to activate manure.

Learn how to increase trichome production.

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6. How to Hand-Trim Your Cannabis: The Boutique Technique – Derek Gilman / Green Flower

This is not machine or commercial cannabis trimming. Learn how to hand trim your cannabis harvest like a pro.

Every time you touch your flowers once they’ve dried, you degrade them a little bit, so it’s best to use trimming and handling techniques that minimize the trichome damage.

Green Flower veteran cultivator Derek Gilman demonstrates proper handling and trimming technique – what to clip and where – and how to know when you’re done. He also shares his preferred choice of tools perfected over many years of growing, handling trimming and curing premium cannabis.

7. Off-Grid Cannabis Cultivation & Harvesting (Part 1): Pete Pietrangeli & Tyler Trudeau / Green Flower

Remote locations call for innovation. Acme Elixirs’ Pete Pietrangeli and Tyler Trudeau guide you through their off-grid, light-dep cannabis farm in this first installment of the Off-Grid series.

8. Jorge Cervantes Takes You On 10-Minute Video Tour of Some of The Coolest Outdoor Marijuana Growing Spots

This beautiful 10-minute tour of incredible fields of outdoor marijuana plants around the world with commentary by world-renowned grower Jorge Cervantes will take your breath away.

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