Friday Roll Up: Smoking Weed More Acceptable Than Fur + Gandalf And His Pipe + Hemp Toe Shoes For Vets

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Kathryn Blume 28 Jun 2020

“I believe that crisis is also opportunity — a moment when everybody’s saying maybe we don’t want to go back to business as usual. Maybe we want to cut the amount of stuff we import from China. Maybe we want to think about re-localizing our supply chain so that we have more security in our food and our pharmaceuticals. Make sure people have child care closer to their work, or flexible scheduling. I want an economy that’s long-haul.”

– Winona LaDuke

Welcome To The Weekly Roll Up – A Compendium of The Week’s Cannabis News


Free Veggies For The People

 Today at Noon: Meet Up To Scale Up: Spending Money to Scale. REGISTER NOW

 Solstice and Light: Outdoor Grow Tips

 8 Thought-Provoking Summer Reads on Racism and Reform
 Vermont plastic bag ban begins July 1
 Meet the Chittenden County Senate candidates
 Protests call for greater Burlington police cuts
 Senate Passes Use-Of-Force Bill
 Senator Patrick Leahy on policing reform

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