Friday Roll Up: Roll Up: Man Calls Cops On Himself + South Dakota Heats Up + Green Queen Makes Quickie Brownies

Olivia Alexander
Kathryn Blume 14 Jun 2020

“Stop applauding cannabis companies for LITERAL crumbs. They are all funded and owned by REAL white supremacists and the establishment. It’s time some people get exposed because I see COUNTLESS influencers constantly plugging products owned by the WORST of the WORST.

– Olivia Alexander

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Op-Ed: The War on Drugs is a War on People of Color

Senator Philip Baruth’s Plan To Tax, Regulate, Educate
 Phil Baruth: Tax, regulate, educate
 UVM 2020 Hemp Growing Season Webinar Series
 Why Are There So Many African-Americans Incarcerated In Vermont?
 Vermont seeks member for racial equity task force
 Race, COVID-19 And Health Disparities In Vermont
 BTV residents call on officials to ‘defund the police’
 Is a COVID-19 test recommended for protesters?

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