Friday Roll Up: Meet Up To Scale Up Starts Next Fri + Anti-Racism Resources

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Kathryn Blume 7 Jun 2020

“Cannabis has a special responsibility because cannabis has a special history. American laws constructed around this product put millions of Black people in jail, denied them jobs and housing, and stripped them of their right to vote. To pretend otherwise is to perpetuate America’s 400-year crime.”
– Leafly Senior Editor Bruce Barcott

Anti-Racism Resources

 Anti-Racism Resources

Resources for white parents to raise anti-racist children:

Articles to read:

More resources


Meet Up To Scale Up Networking Webinars Start Friday, June 12

 NCIA Files Amicus Brief in Landmark Cannabis Tax Case

 Mental Health Monday: Biz Growth Workshops + Confronting Racism
 Senate votes for expungements and increased legal possession
 VDH COVID-19 Update: Cases top 1,000 with Winooski outbreak
 Ashe Campaigns For Lt. Gov
 Meet The Leg. Advocate Running For The Actual Office Of ‘High Bailiff’
 Scott talks racism, protests, COVID-19, drivers licenses, mail-in ballots
 Governor Scott establishes Racial Equity Task Force
 One Prescription for the Pandemic: Weed and ‘Shrooms
 Coronavirus: Tent and event companies struggle
 Quechee Balloon Festival cancelled for 2020

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“The history and trauma of racism, beginning with slavery and subsequent practices to terrorize and marginalize Black people since, is not a memory of the past or Jim Crow but a reality still today. This dark history is exacerbated by the fact that Black Americans are disproportionately the targets of injustices, ranging from loss of jobs, economic inequality and the ever-widened racial wealth gap, to mass incarceration and excessive police force, as well as the War on Drugs and COVID-19.”
– Rep. Joyce Beatty (D-OH)
















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