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Heady Vermont Staff 4 Jun 2020

Following the success of its April Women In Cannabis Summit, Heady Vermont is collaborating with three of the summit’s presenters on a series of relaxed, informal meet-ups on consecutive Fridays in June to help cannabis entrepreneurs connect with each other and build up specific business-related knowledge and skills.

Using the presentation and networking platform Blitzr, which allows for curated interaction between participants, Meghan Lynch, president and CEO of brand development agency Six-Point Creative, will be discussing “Building Brand Value” on Friday, June 12 from 12-1pm.

On Friday, June 19 from 12-1pm, AJ Van Wallendael, CEO of Wealth Management Success, LLC will be talking about “Spending Money To Scale,” and on Friday, June 26 from 12-1pm, Tamala J. McBath, Chief Execution Officer of the National Cannabis Risk Management Association will be talking about “Mitigating Risk, Maximizing Talent.”

“The great part about Blitzr is that it’s both structured and fun,” says Heady Vermont communications director Kathy Blume. “Everything gets timed, so presenters can’t run over. And then participants are randomly assigned another person to chat with for a few minutes. It’s almost like cannabiz speed dating!”

Blume also notes the value of on-line networking for reaching people one might not ordinarily be able to access.

“One of the things we’ve learned from moving business events on line during the Coronavirus pandemic is how humanizing it is. Everyone is home, doing the best they can to stay connected and organized while they’re still in their slippers and the cat is walking all over the keyboard. The collective challenges make it easier for us all to relate to each other and breakdown social barriers a little,” says Blume.

All three presentations are free for the general public, but signup is required. 

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