Normalizing Cannabis With Dr. Anjanette Decarlo

Dr. Anjanette Decarlo
Kathryn Blume 22 Apr 2020

Dr. Anjanette Decarlo is Chief Sustainability Scientist at the Aromatic Plant Research Center (APRC), a state-of-the-art laboratory that utilizes a variety of methods to detect adulteration and confirm the purity of essential oils. She’s taught Environmental Studies at St. Michael’s College, served as Program Coordinator at the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics, and has a broad background in women’s empowerment and conflict resolution as a merged agenda for sustainable development, and has worked on reconciliation in post war countries and highlighting the power of trade and commerce to create peace in conflict zones.

Her emphasis for developing programs at Gund, was to bridge the gap between academia and the needs of people on the ground, and she’s continued that work by creating a video series called Straight from the Source, in which she discusses the history of cannabis, the current state of legalization, and the challenges facing the industry.

We talked to Dr. Decarlo about her history, her belief in the restorative power of cannabis, how cannabis can help us combat climate change, and the ways we continue to bring this benevolent-yet-demonized plant back into mainstream life.

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