The Emperor Doesn’t Wear Pants Anymore! A Zoom Webinar With Dan Herer

Dan Herer
Heady Vermont Staff 16 Apr 2020

Join Heady Vermont for a special 4/20 edition of the Unhidden podcast – a Zoom webinar with Dan Herer, son of legendary cannabis activist Jack Herer! Monday, April 20, 3-4pm on Zoom. Afterward, join BTVLocal 420‘s Zoom Smoke Sesh beginning at 4:20. 

Register for the webinar here (no Zoom account required).

In 1985, Jack Herer published The Emperor Wears No Clothes – now a classic in the cannabis world. The book extolls and articulates the medicinal and industrial qualities of cannabis – in all its forms.

Jack Herer wanted this information available to the entire world, so they’ve published the book for free. and you can read Emperor on the Heady Vermont website.

If Jack Herer could be called a “warrior” and “activist” for the movement, which he was, Dan carries the family torch in hemp advocacy in the role of an “educator” and “influencer.”

Dan balances multiple roles as an industrial hemp developer, hemp entrepreneur, and is the Director of the California-based Jack Herer Foundation.

Dan will be joined by Bruce Michael Dietzen. Founder of RENEW DESIGN, LLC, Dietzen designs carbon negative, hemp based materials and products to help the Industrial Sector go green. Dietzen’s famous Hemp Car, seen on Jay Leno’s Garage, delivers a powerful message: Hemp will save the planet. 

If you have questions for Dan or Bruce, email [email protected], and we’ll ask them live! 

The event will also be streamed live to Facebook.

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