Friday Roll Up: DEA April Fool’s + Women In Cannabis Summit Next Week + VT C-19 Efforts & Resources

Kassandra Frederique, Managing Director of Policy, Advocacy and Campaigns at the Drug Policy Alliance
Kathryn Blume 5 Apr 2020

“There are 450,000 people currently incarcerated for a drug related charge, and even if you released them all it would not be enough to flatten the curve in the criminal legal system.”
– Kassandra Frederique, Managing Director of Policy, Advocacy and Campaigns at the Drug Policy Alliance

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April Fool’s: US DEA Advocates For Nationwide Cannabis Legalization
MMJ dispensaries stay open, but some limit hours
 Condos announces election law changes to address pandemic
 UVM survey on the impact of coronavirus on food insecurity
 Governor Scott issues order on travel and lodging restrictions
 Vape shops go curbside
 Judge issues order to protect Chittenden County residents from evictions
 Vermont orders incoming travelers to self-quarantine for 14 days
 Southwestern Vermont Health Care Foundation launches COVID relief fund
 Website created to help hospitality and personal service industry
 Data hints Vermont’s COVID-19 response working
 Gov announces new medical surge locations in Essex Jct and Rutland
 COVID-19 resources for your business and tax questions

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