Friday Roll Up: Women’s Summit Update + Boston NECANN Postponed + Oglala Sioux Legalize + VA Decrims

Kobie Evans, left, and Kevin Hart, Owners of Pure Oasis.
Kathryn Blume 15 Mar 2020

“We are excited to reach this important moment where we will open our doors as the first retail cannabis business in Boston and as the first economic empowerment candidate in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.”
– Kobie Evans and Kevin Hart, Pure Oasis

Welcome To The Weekly Roll Up – A Compendium of The Week’s Cannabis News

Women In Cannabis Summit
COVID-19 Update

We’ve been watching events unfold this week as Vermont has joined the rest of the world in the effort to manage a truly global pandemic.

Our hearts go out to everyone who’s been afflicted, whose jobs and businesses have been impacted by the need to shut so much down, and, especially, all the health care professionals whose lives and systems have been overwhelmed by the scope of the crisis.

In an effort to be creative-and-responsible global citizens, we’ve started exploring our options for keeping the same date and moving the Women In Cannabis Summit completely online. 

We’re impressed with the available platforms, and believe we can turn this into a widely accessible, more affordable, and still extremely educational event which can hopefully serve the greatest number of people.

We’ll be taking the weekend to work out the details and will make a more formal announcement on Monday. But rest assured we are committed to keeping people informed, connected, engaged, and most of all, safe.

With compassion for the suffering, hope for the fearful, and love for everyone,

Team Heady Vermont


House Veterans’ Affairs Committee Approves Medical Cannabis Bills

Grow Your Own: A HOW TO Guide

VTCANN Announces Keynote Speakers And Sponsors

Vermont Legislature to Shut Down for at Least a Week
Senate appointed members to S.54 reconciliation conference committee

Vermont companies slow business travel, as they monitor virus’ spread

The Best Cities in America for Next-Level Cannabis Experiences

Vermont business hopefuls plan for retail market

Taxes & Opting In (Or Out) Of Pot Shops: Vermont’s Retail Cannabis Bill

Vermont business hopefuls plan for retail market (subscribers)

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