Friday Roll Up: Grandma Marijuana Fights the Power + NH House Passes Legalization + Trump Campaign – Keep Weed Illegal

Rev. Charlie Stallworth
Kathryn Blume 23 Feb 2020

“Our efforts to deal with cannabis using law enforcement and the criminal justice system have been a total failure. Regulation will free up resources so that police can focus on more serious crimes and will also help improve police/ community relationships. And, instead of continuing to fuel organized crime, the money spent on cannabis in our state can and should be used to help revitalize communities that have been disproportionately harmed by enforcement of laws against cannabis.”

– Rev. Charlie Stallworth, East End Baptist Church, Bridgeport, CT

Welcome To The Weekly Roll Up – A Compendium of The Week’s Cannabis News


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 Poll shows three out of four Vermonters support legal, regulated cannabis sales

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Mr. X by Carl Sagan

Recipe: Valentine’s Day Rice Krispie Treats by BTVLocal420
 Anti-cannabis movement: Here are groups, lobbyists trying to stop legal sales
 Students address vaping through Getting to ‘Y’ program
 NEK hemp growers find challenges in 2019 season but remain hopeful
 Here’s how long a drug test can detect weed

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