Friday Roll Up: Rastafarians Threaten to Sue + Girl Scouts Cash In + New Mexico Tanks + Mexico Caves To Trump

Sammie Rogers
Kathryn Blume 16 Feb 2020

“This was an opportunity to step out and be who I was meant to be, which was someone that could be a pillar to this community.”
– Sammie Rogers, Owner of Higher Learning Institutions, the first black-owned cannabis school in the US

Welcome To The Weekly Roll Up – A Compendium of The Week’s Cannabis News


S.54: The Good, The Bad, And The Hopeful – Part II

Inaugural Women in Cannabis Summit Offers Programming, Scholarships
 Gov. still has concerns about provisions to combat impaired driving
 New technology to help Vermont track hemp
 The Etiquette and Legalities of Wedding Weed
 Farmers Fear Pot Bill Will Shut Them Out of the Cannabis Market
 Opponents fear unintended consequences of legal pot market
 Legislation Regulating Retail Sales Gains Momentum
 Legislature considering comm. legalization of cannabis, what do you think?
 Will pot bill shut farmers out of the market?

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 New Hampshire

 New Jersey

 New York

 Rhode Island











 Food and Bev

 Growing and Making

 Health and Wellness


 Higher Ed


 Hypocrisy, Prevarication and Outright Lies










 Presidential Campaign

 Real Estate





 Social Justice

 Social Media




























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